Trip Around the World Quilt; Pa., Ca. 1880
Very vibrant version of a classic Pennsylvania pattern. This example was made in Lancaster County; circa 1880. Probably never washed. Measures 80" x 82".
Economy Patch Quilt; Penn., Ca. 1870
A broad variety of fabrics dating from the 1850's to 1870's form the center squares of this pristine, unwashed quilt. Unusual to have the yellow calico background. Pennsylvania origin. Measures 76 inches square.
Light and Dark Log Cabin Quilt: Ca. 1880
Very complex version of a Light and Dark Log Cabin pattern done in fine wool challis. Unusual use of color. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870. Measures 84 inches square.
Red & Blue Mennonite Baskets Quilt, Ca. 1900
Very striking version of a Baskets quilt of Lancaster County Mennonite origin. All quilting done in dark thread with the exception of the handles which are machine quilted in white. Border fabric is a slightly darker red of cotton sateen. Blue is actually a dark navy. Measures 78" x 82".
Starburst Quilt; Missouri origin, Ca 1880
Dramatic quilt comprised of a wonderful combination of star patterns, surrounded by a sawtooth frame. Circa 1880; Missouri origin. Measurements are 80" square.
Sunflower Pattern Quilt, New England, Ca 1860
This Sunflower pattern can also loosely be described as a Mariner's Compass. It dates to the 1860's and is in pristine, unwashed condition. Two calico prints are used on the front as well as a rich, solid chestnut brown forming the centers. New England origin; measures 75" x 76". Ex- Weld collection.
Wreaths with Nine Patches Quilt, Ca 1870
A classic pattern that is enhanced by the nine patch blocks at the intersection of the grids. Slight soiling visible in close-up. Circa 1870. 78" x 84"
Mennonite Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt
Straight Furrows Log Cabin pattern quilt; Circa 1890. The variety of black fabrics give this pattern exceptional depth. Mostly wools with some cottons. Pennsylvania Mennonite origin with pieced bars on the back. Colors shown here are more nearly true in close-ups. The black areas are comprised of the same size log cabin strips (not easily illustrated here) as the colored fabrics. 82" x 96"
Pair of Basket with Garlands Quilts, Ca 1920
A pair of Pennsylvania origin Basket with Garlands pattern quilts; Circa 1920. Both have been professionally laundered and are in spotless condition. One shown. Large enough for a pair of either single or double beds. Each 78" x 86"
Wild Goose Chase Quilt, Maryland Ca 1870
Made of fairly heavy wool fabrics; circa 1870. Maryland origin. The plaid triangles against the solid color bars give the illusion of tremendous movement to the geese. 85" x 86 1/2"
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