Elongated Hexagons Quilt: Ca. 1880; Pa.
This is a funky hexagons quilt made of blocks of an unusual elongated shape. Many of the blocks are pieced together of more than one segment of the same fabric. Not the finest piecing but it makes a bold graphic statement with a rich variety of colors and fabrics. Circa 1880;Pennsylvania origin; measures 68" x 78:.
Calico Tumbler Quilt; Circa 1880; Penn.
This is an unusual pattern done with a wonderful variety of 1880's calico fabrics. Thumbnails show many of them clearly including several of cheater's cloth. The light spot on the upper left border of the overall image is on the photo only; it is not a spot on the quilt.It is in unwashed condition. Backing is muslin. The size; pattern and variety of fabrics would make this a wonderful wall hanging. It measures 66" x 72". Pennsylvania origin.
Pineapple Log Cabin Quilt; Circa 1870; Pa.
This pattern is known as either Windmill Blades or Pineapple Log Cabin. It is always a pattern with a lot of movement but particularly so with this well balanced example. Made of a rich variety of 1870's calico fabrics enhanced by the solid red border. Pennsylvania origin; measures 73" x 76".
Chevrons Log Cabin Quilt; Circa 1880; Pa.
This is an extremely unusual and bold variation of the Log Cabin pattern surrounded by a fabulous piano key border. Calico fabrics of the 1870's and 80's. Adams County, Pennsylvania origin. Measures 82" square.
Ocean Waves Quilt; Circa 1880, Penn.
Well pieced Ocean Waves pattern done on a stunning forest green ground.Small triangles make up the waves that are a lively combination of light and dark calico fabrics. Has never been washed and is clean but shows several very slight fade lines. Measures 70" x 87". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880.
Fence Rail Quilt; Circa 1920; Maryland
Pristine, unwashed Fence Rail pattern made in Maryland; circa 1920. Interesting quilting pattern of circles in the border. Reminiscent of nautical flags. Measures 82 " square.
Triangle Barnraising Quilt: Circa 1890; Penn.
Unusual variation of a barnraising pattern done in triangles rather than the usual log cabin strips. Pristine, unwashed condition with a beautiful variety of rich fabrics. The back is pieced in a bars pattern. Circa 1880; Pennsylvania origin. Measures 78 inches x 80 inches.
Economy Patch Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania
Pristine, unwashed version of the Economy Patch pattern. The solid red alternate blocks contrasting with the variety of calicoes give this quilt a very strong presence. Measures 86 inches square. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1890.
Strip Triangles Quilt: Circa 1880, Pennsylvania
Initially, this pattern looks as though it consists of large pieced triangles. In actuality, they are made up of strips about one inch in width. Wonderful 1870's fabrics. The reverse is pieced in squares. No flaws on the front. A blotch is visible in the photo of the reverse side. Measures 73" x 74". Pennsylvania origin.
Pots of Tulips Quilt; Circa 1880; Penn.
Probably original pattern of stylized, funky pots of tulips. Has been professionally washed. Well quilted. Solid color red fabric and two different green calicoes. Pennsylvania origin. Measures 75 inches x 78 inches.
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