Homemade Cat Toys   $295.00   
These are two homemade cat toys from the turn of the century. On the left is a sock cat with an embroidered face and a wonderful three dimensional tongue. It measures 9 1/2" tall from the base to the tip of the ears. New England origin. SOLD On the right is a cat that may have been meant as a squeak toy. One can feel a metal ring inside it. It may have been inserted to give it structure or it may have given off a noise. This poor critter is missing one of its appliqued eyes. It measures 11"... Click for details       Item #1178961
Homemade Cat Toys
LeMoyne Stars with Tulips Quilt: Circa 1830; Pa.
 LeMoyne Stars with Tulips Quilt: Circa 1830; Pa.   $6,500.00

This is an early and unusual quilt combining LeMoyne Stars and Tulip patterns. It is made with a wonderful array of early 19th century fabrics. The tan sashing was the perfect color choice to blend with the blues; browns and pinks of the quilt. Written in one of the pink tulip blocks is the inked signature of C.E. Cronkite who may have been the maker. Opposing top and bottom corners are variations of the primary stars. Measurements are 75" x 88". A tag sewn to the back indicates it was... Click for details

Homemade Sheep Doorstop: Circa 1930; Pa.   $325.00 

This charming homemade doorstop in the form of a sheep has lots of personality. She is wearing a coral ribbon in her hair. Her face and under ears are made of corduroy and eyes are leather. She measures 4 1/2" tall and 6" deep. This functional folk art was made by Ida Leaman Witmer ; Lancaster County, Pa. in the 12930's.
Homemade Sheep Doorstop: Circa 1930; Pa.
Center Medallion Quilt: Circa 1860; Pennsylvania
 Center Medallion Quilt: Circa 1860; Pennsylvania   $8,500.00

There seems to be no end to the creativity shown by 19th century quiltmakers. This original example is centered with a basket of flowers surrounded by additional pots with birds and a variety of flowers. Some of the flowers are three dimensional made by the technique of ruching. The exuberant center is contained by a diamond inner border and finally by Nine Patch Checkerboard blocks. The maker was bold in her choice of fabrics as well as the appliqued designs. The quilt is from Chester County,... Click for details

Salvador Teran Silver Dangle Earrings: Circa 1950   $365.00 

Geometric large dangle earrings by Mexican designer, Salvador Teran. The earrings are 2" long from the very top to bottom of the dangle. In spite of the large size, they are light enough in weight to be able to be worn comfortably. Screwbacks; circa 1950's.
Salvador Teran Silver Dangle Earrings: Circa 1950
Morning Glory and Monkey Wrench Quilt: Circa 1930; Pa.
 Morning Glory and Monkey Wrench Quilt: Circa 1930; Pa.   $875.00

This Morning Glories quilt combines two traditional patterns that are rarely, if ever, seen together. The geometric Monkey Wrench is an unusual, but effective, matching with the floral pattern. The entire piece is light and airy with lovely quilting and a graceful scalloped border. Measurements are 80" x 92" to outer edges of scallops. Made by Marie Kritcher in McKeesport, Pennsylvania in the 1930's for her son Larry. Perhaps that explains the choice of the Monkey Wrench pattern.

Homemade Amish Toy Dogs   $315.00 

These are two well loved Amish toy dogs made in the early part of the 20th century. The smaller, on the left, is from Pennsylvania. It is straw filled; made of cotton with shoe button black eyes. It is 5" tall to the tip of the tail and 6 1/4" " long. Very good condition. The larger is from Ohio; made of wool and also straw filled. It has several old mends and worn spots. measurements are 4 4 3/4" tall and 7 3/4" tall.
Homemade Amish Toy Dogs
Cotton Crazy Crib Quilt with Embroidered message:1885
 Cotton Crazy Crib Quilt with Embroidered message:1885   $3,200.00

Embroidered in the blocks of this unique crib quilt is the following message: Your childhood years, they will soon be over And your school days, then all will be... May health, wealth and happiness be your lot As long as your life shall last. Your Grandma has made this spread for your feet And decked it with colors all bright And when you are warmly tucked into your bed Then think of your Grandma - Good night. Harriet S. Smith, Aged 69 June 11th, 1885 Westford, Mass. Detail photos... Click for details

Antonio Pineda HUGE Silver Belt Buckle   $2,900.00 

This positively enormous belt buckle by silver master, Antonio Pineda, transcends jewelry into sculpture. It is 970 silver set with an abstract design in onyx. It was probably a custom made piece. Measurements are 5 5/8" wide x 2 3/8" tall. It would make a wonderful statement on either a man or woman with lots of style.
Antonio Pineda HUGE Silver Belt Buckle
Homemade Camel Toys Circa 1920
 Homemade Camel Toys Circa 1920   $950.00

It is difficult to imagine a family of animal toys cuter or more unusual than these three camels. They are finely detailed with tufted heads and hooves. The selection of fabric accurately represents both the color and texture of camels. The largest is 8" from head to hoof; the smallest is 5". Excellent condition; made circa 1920.

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