Reversible Chintz Variable Stars Quilt: Circa 1840; Pennsylvania
This Variable Stars quilt is done with the most beautiful of fabrics, highlighted by a gloriously colored red and blue chintz. The fabric is placed with the utmost of care so that, on half of it, the leafy vine motif creates the outer border. The same fabric is cut in half throughout to create an inner frame. The deep indigo on which the stars are set is especially dense and rich. An added bonus is the chintz bars pattern used for the reverse. It is an entirely double sided quilt, stunning on... Click for details
Ohio Amish Hole in the Barn Door Doll Quilt: Circa 1920
This Ohio Amish Hole in the Barn Door is large for a doll quilt. It measures 18" x 22 1/2". Some would call this size a cradle quilt. Regardless of how one labels it, the quilt is charming. Each block is nicely scaled at 2 3/4" in diameter. It is hand quilted with postage stamp size squares in white thread. The binding is done by machine as is often the case with Amish quilts.The backing is the same blue fabric as used on the front. Condition is excellent. Ohio origin; circa 1920.
Illinois Amish Roman Stripe Quilt: Circa 1880's
This Illinois Amish Roman Stripe quilt is dramatic because of the colors; small scale of the blocks and having them set on a diagonal. The consistent use of the same red fabric for each of the longest strips heightens the diagonal stripe. Upon close inspection, one can see that the opposing black borders are pieced with the same diamond shapes as the body of the quilt. It is made of wool with a machine done pre-quilted backing. The quilt was made by Kate Fugate (nee Sunning). She stated that... Click for details
Frank Miraglia Sterling Silver Modernist Necklace
Interesting sterling silver links necklace by New York jeweler, Frank Miraglia. It is signed "Miraglia Sterling Modern". Four hinged links surround a central pendant with a round gray glass stone. The plaque measures 1 1/2 inches tall and 2 1/8 inches at the widest. It is 9 1/2 inches in length from the clasp to the bottom of the pendant. Condition is excellent; made 1950's.
William Spratling Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bracelet
Rare, early sterling with amethyst bracelet by silver master, William Spratling. The bracelet has a raised, striated silver design throughout that terminates with two pear shaped cabochon amethysts. On either side of them are three graduated size round amethysts. The bracelet is hinged and has a pin closure. Maker's mark dates it to the period between 1940 - 1946. An identical bracelet of this design recently sold at auction for $6000. William Spratling was the father of the Mexican silver... Click for details
One Patch  Crib Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
The giant X makes a standout of this One Patch crib quilt. Within the One Patches are four Nine Patch blocks giving even more interest to the movement of the eye around the quilt. It is in pristine; unwashed condition. Measurements are 40 inches square. The use of a Bars pattern for the backing is indicative of the quilt's southeastern Pennsylvania origin. Made circa 1880.
Amish Evening Stars Crib Quilt: Circa 1920
Richly colored, beautiful Evening Stars Amish crib quilt that is probably from Western Pennsylvania. The deep indigo ground perfectly offsets the salmon colored stars. The quilt is in pristine condition. Measurements are 37" x 44'. It is all cotton including the gray backing that is turned over to create the machine sewn binding. The quilting is all done by hand with a pattern of squares and diagonal lines in the border. Made circa 1920.
Inscribed  and Dated 1845 Wedding Quilt; New Jersey
This overwhelming wedding quilt is made of Variable Star blocks, each a different red printed fabric. All of the blocks are signed with names from New Jersey. The center Compass block has a detailed inked inscription that reads "Samuel C Deacon Mary A Deacon 1846 As we have got married and the most of you are not I hope you will not long tarry in making up the plot Mary A Bodine and Samuel C Deacon was married the 18th day of December 1845 February 4th 1846". Additional drawings and... Click for details
Amish Chinese Coins Quilt: Circa 1930; Oklahoma
This Amish Chinese Coins quilt was made by Mrs. John A. Yoder (Barbara) who was born in Aberdeen, Mississippi in 1885. In 1905 she moved to Oklahoma where this quilt was made about 1930. It was purchased in 1984 by David Pottinger, one of the early collectors and scholars about Amish quilts. Rarely does one have such specific information about the maker of an Amish quilt. In 1996 it was shown in the Fowler Museum of Cultural History. While Mrs. Yoder was not the finest quilter, she had a very... Click for details
Mennonite Concentric Frames Quilt with Double Nine Patch; Circa 1880;
This striking quilt of concentric frames centered with a Double Nine Patch is so contemporary looking that it is difficult to believe it is some 145 years old. The strong, solid colors play well off one another and the Double Nine Patch center focuses the eye. The quilt is in excellent condition. The frames alternate quilting patterns of diamonds and cables.The front is all solid color cotton with a printed cotton for the backing. Measurements are 76 inches square. Lancaster County,... Click for details
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