Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Sewing and NeedleworkStella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Sewing and Needlework

Sewing and Needlework (8)

Sewing Roll Up Huswif; Connecticut; Circa 1850
This exquisite huswif sewing pocket is made of a beautiful grouping of printed fabrics from the second quarter of the 19th century. Each pocket and the border are different materials. They are all in perfect condition. The pocket measures 4 inches wide and 11 1/2 inches long. It is accompanied by a family history indicating it was from the home of Martha and Joshua Marcy who lived in Woodstock, Connecticut.
Waist Pocket and Sewing Bag; Circa 1830; New England
These are two pristine early bags. On the left is a drawstring bag in an unusual polished cotton print. Measurements are 7 1/4 inches wide x 8 inches long. Price is $295. The waist pocket on the right is 13 1/4" long x 10 1/4" at the widest. It is all the same fabric with the exception of the bindings. It has a muslin backing. SOLD
Huswif Roll-up Sewing Pockets: New York; Circa 1840
On the left is a lovely, small huswif. Fabrics making up the six pockets are in excellent condition and date as early as 1840. Fabric on the outside shows a tiny bit of wear. Measurements are 2 1/2" x 10". On the right is the most unusual huswif I've seen. I don't know of another with round pockets. The fabrics on the front are in perfect condition. The outside is made like a penny rug, again a feature I have never seen. There is a little bit of wear to the tan circles. The outside is made... Click for details
Appliqued and Embroidered Mantel Cover; Circa 1870; Pa.
A variety of flowers and a bird and butterfly adorn this unusual mantelpiece cover. The embroidery is all done in wool. Most of the applique is wool with a bit of velvet. It measures 70" long and 9" deep. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.
Pennsylvania Pin Cushions
Lancaster County, Pennsylvania pin cushions from the late 19th century. Unusual cotton crazy on left measures 3 3/4" square. Nice variety of fabrics from the 1870's - 80's. Six lobes - pristine condition; finely hand pieced. 2 3/4" tall; beautiful 1870's material. Both have original loops for hanging.
Fabric Silhouette: Circa 1860
Rare fabric silhouette of a full body male. Done in silk and velvet on wool. Fabric of hat was cleverly chosen to resemble beaver. Initially, I thought this was a needle case but realized that it has no function other than the pleasure of it. Probably done about 1860 but a person more familiar with costume might say earlier. Professionally mounted on stretcher that measures 11" x 14".
Crewel Embroidered Waist Pocket: Circa 1800
Extraordinarily rare crewel embroidered Waist Pocket dating to about 1800. Wool on linen with cotton binding. Incredible condition. Unusually bright and colorful. Professionally mounted on stretcher that measures 15 1/2" wide and 18" long. Found in Pennsylvania.
Irish Chain Privy Pocket: Circa 1860; Pennsylvania
Privy pocket that is extraordinary in several ways. Most wonderful are the graphics; the Irish Chain is set to create striking diamond and X patterns. This is the only privy pocket I have seen that is quilted; usually they are simply pieced like a quilt top.This is also earlier than other with which I am familiar; dates circa 1860. Hanging tabs; binding and one edge show some wear but the body of the piece is in very good condition.Measures 21" square; Pennsylvania origin.
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