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Horses Handwoven Rug: Circa 1950
This handwoven rug is probably from Mexico but is possibly Navajo. The light prancing horses are subtly colored. The rug measures 22 1/2" x 39" without the fringe. It is in excellent condition; made circa 1950.
Hound Dog Hooked Rug: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
This prancing pooch has his eye wide open in search of who knows what. The variegation of his body blends well with the abstract, multicolor background. The rug is made of cotton; measurements are 25" x 37". It is in very good condition with a few loops missing that are visible only when held up to the light. Pennsylvania origin; made 1920's,
Horseheads Hooked Rug: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
Two hooked rug horses are bridled up and ready to go. The rose pink background nicely sets off the black and white horses. The rug is made of heavy cotton. It is in very good condition with the exception of a small hole near the top middle that is visible in thumbnail photos when seen from the back. The last two thumbnails show the back of the rug. Measurements are 24 1/2" x 39". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
Cat's Paw Hooked Rug: Circa 1920
Cat's Paw is a wonderfully playful pattern of irregular polka dots that is usually done in muted colors. This example is a standout because of the terrific contrast of light and dark. The oatmeal colored background highlights the beautiful shades of red. The outer border is a variegated red and black combination. The rug is very "painterly" whether viewed vertically or horizontally. Condition is excellent. It is sewn to a stretcher measuring 24" x 37". Made of wool; circa 1920. Attached to... Click for details
Tumbling Blocks Hooked Rug: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
Tumbling Blocks (aka Baby Blocks) is a pattern more often seen as a quilt than a rug but in either case, it is a wonderfully three dimensional design. This example is made of wool. The browns and tans are solid colors and the red has a nice variegation. Measurements are 28" x 38". The impact is equally effective whether vertical or horizontal. Condition is excellent. There are two tiny repairs to the burlap binding on the short ends. They do not show through on the front. Made circa... Click for details
Log Cabin Pattern Hooked Rug; Circa 1920;New York
This hooked rug is done in a quilt pattern known as Straight Furrows Log Cabin. The diagonal lights and darks make a wonderful design. The rug is made of wool; circa 1920's; from New York State. The rug itself is in excellent condition. Measurements are 18" x 36". It is mounted on a homemade stretcher that, in all honesty, is not an enhancement. It should probably be re-mounted or it could be used as a table mat without being mounted.
Abstract Floral Rug: Circa 1900; Pennsylvania
This unusual floral abstract design rug is done with a technique called prodding or poking. It is similar to hooking but different in that the ends of the strips of fabric are not secured. The strips are poked through the foundation and the ends left loose creating a shaggy surface. The design of this rug, combined with the loose texture, produce a wonderful effect. The rug measures 19 1/2" x 72". It is made almost entirely of wool. The size and design allow it to be displayed equally well... Click for details
Roosters Hooked Rug: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
This charming rug depicts three roosters in profile. It is made of cottons; circa 1930. The front is in excellent condition. The backing has some stitched reinforcements along the binding. They are not visible on the front. Measurements are 22" x 39". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1930.
Large Abstract Hooked Rug: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
This Hit or Miss hooked rug combines an open center pattern framed by a more structured border. The huge variety of colors makes it adaptable to virtually any environment. The rug measures 70" x 85". It appears to be in un-used condition. It was made by Elda Dickey of Portage, Pennsylvania; circa 1930.
Cat Braided Rug: Circa 1950
This charming braided cat rug would be equally happy on a floor or wall. It is made of heavy wools and should be sturdy enough to be suitable on a floor. Measurements are 34" x 47" to the top of the ears. It is in excellent condition.
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