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Broken Dishes Quilt: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
According to my calculations, the interior of this quilt is made of 2620 triangles! They date from the turn of the century to the 1930's. The back is feedsack material that is turned over to form the binding. Excellent condition. Measures 69" x 75". Pennsylvania origin.
Feathered Stars Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
Crisp and freshly laundered Feathered Stars quilt done in rust and green calico. Well pieced and quilted with several traditional Pennsylvania designs. Circa 1870. Measures 85" wide x 82" long.
Wool Bricks Comforter: Pennsylvania; Circa 1890
This comforter is like op art of the 19th century. The contrast of the red on black circles tied with white thread atop the rectangles make the pattern really move. The darks are wool suiting fabrics. Clearly, this was made for warmth as it is quite heavy, but it was done by someone with an artistic eye. Area of light discoloration visible in thumbnail but it does nothing to detract from the overall impact. Circa 1890; Pennsylvania origin. Measures 69" x 71".
Snowball Quilt: Circa 1920
Soft colors are beautifully blended in this unusual Snowball quilt. Each circle is surrounded by a quilted wreath. Interesting contrast of the multiple straight borders with the roundness of the circles and wreaths. Pristine condition. Circa 1920; measures 78" x 89".
Water Lilies Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
This is the finest version of this pattern that I've ever seen. It is extremely well quilted in cross hatching with a wreath in the center surrounding a quilted star. Embroidery adds three dimensionality. Lovely, soft colors; pristine condition. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920. Measures 72 1/2" x 73 1/2".
Evening Stars Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
This is one of the most classic of nineteenth century quilt patterns, beautifully done in rust and green calico. The stars and delicate sawtooth border are very well pieced. Nicely quilted with an unusual undulating pattern in the border. Measures 85" square; circa 1870. Has been professionally washed. Pennsylvania origin.
Tree Everlasting with Applique Quilt;Ca. 1870
To the best of my knowledge, this is a unique pattern. The bars are an unusual variation of Tree Everlasting and combined with the Crossed Tulips, I believe it to be one of a kind. The use of solid colors further sets off the wonderful center. Excellent condition; has been professionally washed. Measures 87" x 97"; circa 1870. Pennsylvania origin.
Wool Crossroads Quilt: Circa 1870
Rich colored fine wools were used to make this exceptional version of the Crossroads pattern. Highly unusual cotton printed fabric on the back would make this an equally interesting whole cloth quilt to be used on the reverse.Excellent condition on both sides. Measures 81" square.
Streak of Lightning with One Patch Quilt; Oklahoma
This is a dynamic country quilt with a native American feel. The solid red and blue chambray of the streak of lightning jump out from the plaids and checks. In excellent condition. Back is dark blue and white gingham check. Measures 67" x 83". Oklahoma origin; circa 1910.
Reversible Barnraising/ One Patch Quilt; Circa 1880
This bold Barnraising Log Cabin is made of wool challis from the 1870's. It reverses to a cotton calico One Patch. Dazzling use of stripes in the center. Some damage to the wools, much of which is visible in a close-up. It does not detract from the overall dramatic impact of the quilt. Measures 68" x 87"; Pennsylvania origin.
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Stella Rubin has been buying and selling antiques, specializing in American quilts, since 1976. She has sold to most of the major museums in the United States, including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Smithsonian Institution; Colonial Williamsburg; The DAR; the International Quilt Study Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

She is the author of Miller's "Treasure or Not: How to Compare and Value American Quilts". In addition to quilts and other textiles, Stella has a secondary specialty in fine design gold and silver jewelry.

During her decades in the antiques business, she has participated in most of America's most prestigious antiques shows including: The Philadelphia Antique Show: The Delaware Antique Show; The Museum of American Folk Art Antique Show and the New Hampshire Antique Show.

Stella is glad to work with you whether you're selecting an individual piece or forming a collection. She represents a wide range of quilts, from the finest to the funkiest. We welcome you to her gallery in Maryland as well as to this website,

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