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Sunflower Quilt: Circa 1850
This early Sunflower quilt is made of a stunning variety of mid 19th century printed fabrics, many of which are quite unusual. The solid red background in which each block is set highlights them perfectly. There is a heart quilted in the four corners of each of the red blocks. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in excellent condition. Measurements are 70" x 84". Made circa 1850.
Wandering Foot Quilt: Circa 1860
This is a finely made version of the Wandering Foot quilt pattern both in terms of piecing and quilting. The red and green diamonds are especially small. The group around the central block are nicely placed to create an additional circular design. Quilting patterns are wreaths with pinwheel centers. The quilt is in pristine condition. Measurements are 74" x 88". Made circa 1860.
Courthouse Steps Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
The Courthouse Steps Log Cabin quilt is made with a beautiful variety of printed wool challis fabrics. The palette is unusual in that it has soft tones with a predominance of green. The backing is a beautiful brown glazed cotton. The quilt is unusually large for the time period in which it was made. It is 90" x 105", ample for a queen or king size bed. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870's.
Chinese Coins Quilt: Circa 1880
This quirky quilt is an unusual version of Chinese Coins. The plaid fabric is grosgrain with the horizontal lines used to create the effect of the Chinese Coins striping. Other than the plaid, the fabrics are wool including the One Patch back. The quilt is totally reversible to the One Patch checkerboard back. Measurements are 59" x 75". Made circa 1880.
Feathered Stars Quilt with Applique Border: Circa 1830's
Delicate and finely made Feathered Stars quilt with an applique border. The berries on the border repeat the printed red fabric of the stars. Deep indigo is introduced for the vine and leaves. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in pristine condition. It is well quilted with alternating leaves and double diamonds in the white blocks. Measurements are 75" x 88". Made circa 1830's.
Ruby McKim Tulips Quilt: Circa 1930
This dramatic Tulips quilt was created by Ruby Short McKim (1891-1976), one of America's most well known quilt designers. McKim sold her first quilt pattern in 1916 and was in her business prime throughout the 1920's and 30's. Many of McKim's floral patterns have a very Art Deco feel as does this stunning Tulips example. It is beautifully quilted and in pristine, unwashed condition. It is interesting that the white blocks repeat the tulips design but with curvilinear patterning. The... Click for details
Patriotic Tobacco Flannels Quilt: Circa 1910; Pennsylvania
Long before the hazards of smoking became known, tobacco companies offered premiums included with the purchase of cigars and cigarettes. They were often flannel panels with the flags of different countries. The flannels were generally used in one of two ways. The premium was given away by the tobacco company in exchange for coupons that were redeemed for gifts offered in catalogs that were distributed by the tobacco companies. Coupons were gathered and saved until the consumer had enough to... Click for details
Eye of God Quilt with Greek Key Border: Circa 1920; Pa.
This Eye of God quilt is an unusual pattern with an even more rare Greek Key border. The maker took great pains with the construction as the entire quilt is made of 1 1/2 inch squares. To clarify - rather than strips of fabric being used for the ground and colored areas, it is made totally with small squares. It's a strong pattern done in soft, entirely solid colors. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in pristine condition. Measurements are 76" x 88". Pennsylvania origin; circa... Click for details
Mennonite Princess Feather Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
The richly colored Princess Feather quilt is a color choice with this pattern seen several times only in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Variations exist in the center motifs but the four block Princess Feather on a rich blue ground with red and orange is a combination found only in Lancaster. This quilt has an especially nice continuation of the appliqued feathers throughout the border. It is well quilted with a waffle design throughout the body. There is a sliver of color loss on one edge.... Click for details
Mennonite Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania
Un-used Lancaster County Mennonite Log Cabin quilt in rich colored medium weight wools. The quilt is in pristine condition with an unusual cotton cheater's cloth backing. Measurements s 68" x 73". Circa 1890; Pennsylvania origin. The border is a deep purple, not black as it may appear on some monitors.
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Stella Rubin has been buying and selling antiques, specializing in American quilts, since 1976. She has sold to most of the major museums in the United States, including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Smithsonian Institution; Colonial Williamsburg; The DAR; the International Quilt Study Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

She is the author of Miller's "Treasure or Not: How to Compare and Value American Quilts". In addition to quilts and other textiles, Stella has a secondary specialty in fine design gold and silver jewelry.

During her decades in the antiques business, she has participated in most of America's most prestigious antiques shows including: The Philadelphia Antique Show: The Delaware Antique Show; The Museum of American Folk Art Antique Show and the New Hampshire Antique Show.

Stella is glad to work with you whether you're selecting an individual piece or forming a collection. She represents a wide range of quilts, from the finest to the funkiest. We welcome you to her gallery in Maryland as well as to this website,

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