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Quilts: Crib (60)

Four Patch Crib Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
This Four Patch Crib Quilt is dense with color. It is made with a wonderful grouping of late 19th century fabrics. Excellent condition. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin. Measures 45 1/2" square.
Nine Patch Crib Quilt/Wild Goose Chase: Ca.1920;Pa.
This Nine Patch Crib Quilt must have been made by someone with a droll sense of humor. The centers utilize printed fabric with geese and the entire piece is framed by a Wild Goose Chase border. I prefer to think this was not coincidence. Unused condition; has several tiny spots that I do not think merit laundering. Quilted with diagonal lines. Utilizes several different blue fabrics. Measures 36" x 37". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
King's Star Crib Quilt: Circa 1930
Perky King's Star Crib Quilt with quintessential 1930's fabrics, many of which are feedsacks. Unusual construction in that it is quilted and seems to have batting but has an additional white cotton backing that appears to be original. Professionally laundered; pristine condition. Measures 31 1/2" x 32 1/2".
Cheater's Cloth Crib Quilt: Circa 1880
Unique Cheater's Cloth Crib Quilt in pristine, unwashed condition. This printed patchwork has many of the iconic images of Victorian Crazy Quilts - fan, spiderweb,horseshoe, butterfly and bird. In addition, it has several children at play. Measures 34" x 40": Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1880.
Cake Stand Baskets Crib Quilt: Ca. 1880; Maine
Cake Stand Baskets Crib Quilt on an intense indigo printed ground. Baskets are a nice variety of late 19th century fabrics. Slight water staining in one of the light tan blocks; all else in fine condition. Nice striped backing visible in last thumbnail photo. Measures 30" x 36". Maine origin; circa 1880.
Monkey Wrench Crib Quilt: Circa 1920
Monkey Wrench (aka Churn Dash) pattern crib quilt that is wonderfully scaled to size. Each block measures 4 1/4" to a side. Beautiful shade of blue. Professionally laundered; nicely quilted. Measures 35" x 48"; circa 1920.
Streak of Lightning Crib Quilt: Circa 1870; Pa.
Streak of Lightning Crib Quilt in pink and green calico so popular in late 19th century Pennsylvania. Colors have softened some with washing. Front is in very good condition; some breaks in the wonderful printed paisley backing visible in last thumbnail photo. Measures 35" x 40"; circa 1870. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin.
Nine Patch in Bars Crib Quilt: Ca. 1880; Wisconsin
Crib quilt with unusual arrangement of Nine Patch set in Bars. Orange centers add just the right zing to this charming piece. Nicely quilted with extremely tiny stitches. Front is in excellent condition; a small area of wear on the back does not come through to the front. Measures 29" x 39". Circa 1880; Wisconsin origin.
Delectable Mountains Crib Quilt: Circa 1870; Pa.
Outstanding, rare pattern of a Delectable Mountains crib quilt done in one of southeast Pennsylvania's favorite color combinations. Well pieced and quilted. Unwashed condition; water marks on back do not show through to the front. Berks County, Pennsylvania; circa 1870.
Variable Stars Crib Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
Early Variable Stars Crib Quilt done with a nice assembly of calico prints. The center four stars, all in the same materials, form a center medallion. Nicely quilted. The front is in very good condition. Damage to the back, visible in thumbnail photos, does not go through to the front. Measures 41" square. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.
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