Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, Amish and MennoniteStella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, Amish and Mennonite

Quilts: Amish and Mennonite (20)

Mennonite Touching Stars Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania
This Mennonite Touching Stars quilt clearly reflects the Victorian era in which it was made. The stars are made of totally irregular pieces similar to those used in Victorian Crazy quilts. It is all wool with a nice variety of embroidered stitching throughout the stars and the Four Patches between them. It is in excellent condition; measurements are 78" x 82". The backing is a Bars pattern made of red and blue homespun type checked fabrics making it reversible to a totally different kind of... Click for details
Homemade Amish Toy Dogs
These are two well loved Amish toy dogs made in the early part of the 20th century. The smaller, on the left, is from Pennsylvania. It is straw filled; made of cotton with shoe button black eyes. It is 5" tall to the tip of the tail and 6 1/4" " long. Very good condition. The larger is from Ohio; made of wool and also straw filled. It has several old mends and worn spots. measurements are 4 4 3/4" tall and 7 3/4" tall.
Indiana Amish Center Medallion Quilt: Circa 1920
This unusual piece combines several patterns in a center medallion format rarely seen in mid West Amish quilts. The center LeMoyne Star is surrounded by blocks of Bow Ties and Chinese Coins that are irregularly set. The maker of this quilt had both imagination and skill. It is well pieced and quilted with several different patterns. The quilt is all cotton fabrics; circa 1920. It is in mint, unwashed condition. Measurements are 68" x 80".
Amish Bricks Quilt with Embroidery: Circa 1930
Amish Bricks Quilt embellished with floral embroidery. This type of embroidery is usually done by the Amish on pillows or seat cushions; I have not seen it on a quilt. Made of wools with cotton binding and backing; circa 1930. Inner frame cleverly relates to the primary bricks pattern. Mid-west origin, probably Indiana as the feather quilting pattern in the border is most often from that area. Excellent condition; measures 67" x 72".Outer border is more of a gray color than shows on my monitor.
Amish London Roads Quilt: Dated 1922
Pristine, unwashed Amish London Roads quilt; probably from Ohio. Multi colors set on a deep blue background. Quilted in inner light blue border are the initials ALM. Also quilted was the the date Feb. 24, 1922; someone pulled out the stitches but the date is still visible. Very well quilted; all cotton. Measures 70" x 72".
Mennonite Flower Garden Chair Pad: Ca. 1900; Pa.
Were it not for the trapezoidal shape of this Grandmother's Flower Garden, one would mistake it for a doll quilt rather than the chair pad it is. Hexagons are appliqued to the backing. Wool; two small breaks in the fabric show the paper foundations of the hexagons. Beautiful colors are well planned and create a "fence" around the flower gardens. Pennsylvania Mennonite; circa 1900. Measures 16" x 17 3/4" at its largest.
Lancaster County Amish Bars Crib Quilt: Circa 1950
Most unusual to have a genuine Lancaster County Amish Bars Crib quilt, but particularly as late as 1950. Fabrics are a combination of rayon and wool knit. Subtle, clearly intentional difference in the bars. The outer two are wider and a different fabric than the central two. Measures 29" x 34".
Mennonite Baskets Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
Cotton sateen Baskets quilt done in luscious shades of tropical fruits. Pristine, unwashed condition. Very well quilted. Fine fabrics and craftsmanship. Background is soft shade of seafoam green. Measures 76" x 95". York County, Pennsylvania Mennonite. Circa 1920.
Amish Philadelphia Pavement Quilt; Ca. 1930
The complex Philadelphia Pavement pattern is not often seen, particularly done by the Lancaster County Amish. This version is in pristine, unwashed condition. It has a wonderful contrast of lights and darks, made more intense by the shadings of blue blocks. Measures 86" x 88", large enough for a queen size bed. Lancaster County, Pa. origin; circa 1930.
Red & Blue Mennonite Baskets Quilt, Ca. 1900
Very striking version of a Baskets quilt of Lancaster County Mennonite origin. All quilting done in dark thread with the exception of the handles which are machine quilted in white. Border fabric is a slightly darker red of cotton sateen. Blue is actually a dark navy. Measures 78" x 82".
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