Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 20th CenturyStella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 20th Century

Quilts: 20th Century (110)

Mennonite Baskets Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
Cotton sateen Baskets quilt done in luscious shades of tropical fruits. Pristine, unwashed condition. Very well quilted. Fine fabrics and craftsmanship. Background is soft shade of seafoam green. Measures 76" x 95". York County, Pennsylvania Mennonite. Circa 1920.
Abstract Baskets Quilt: Circa 1930; Pa.
Whether or not this was meant as a Baskets pattern is subject to opinion; whether or not it is wonderful design is not. Looks equally good when viewed from any direction. Strong diagonal design of the pieced patern is accentuated by quilting in diagonal lines. Excellent condition; professionally laundered. Measures 72" x 86". Circa 1930; Pennsylvania origin.
Amish Jacob's Ladder Quilt: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
Unusual center medallion arrangement of the Jacob's Ladder pattern. This Amish quilt is from Somerset County, Pennsylvania. The format of the quilt was most likely influenced by the center diamond and square patterns of the Lancaster County Amish. Wool fabrics; measures 72" x 82". Crude quilting but great graphics. Excellent condition; circa 1930.
Shirting One Patch Diamond in Square Quilt: Ca. 1920
Subtle and sophisticated One Patch pattern quilt filling a Diamond in the Square. Pristine, unwashed condition. Superb selection and placement of shirting fabrics. Excellent craftsmanship. Central medallion in quilting surrounded by hearts. Difficult to imagine a better example of this type of quilt. Measures 75" square; Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1920.
Rocky Road to Kansas with Embroidery: Circa 1920; Md.
Funky, unusual version of Rocky Road to Kansas done in wools with embroidered hearts, animals and floral motifs. Measures 37" x 70", a wonderful size for hanging whether vertically or horizontally. Cotton stripe backing also used to create the binding. Circa 1920; Maryland origin.
Postage Stamp Floral Medallion Quilt: Circa 1930; Iowa
Central Floral Wreath pattern created solely with the use of one inch square blocks. Quilting repeats the postage stamp pattern with swirling flowers in corner blocks. May be an Anne Orr pattern. Slight fading to soft seafoam green background. From estate of Walter Heabel; Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Measures 72" x 85 1/2"; circa 1930.
Alphabet Quilt: Dated 1930; Pennsylvania
Charming Alphabet Quilt with an appliqued image to illustrate each letter. Immaculate, unwashed condition. Muslin ground with pencil lines still showing for the quilting patterns. Signed Lewis (last name illegible) and dated 1930. Measures 74" x 97"; Pennsylvania origin.
Reversible Beacon Blankets/ Log Cabin Quilt
It's difficult to imagine two more unlikely patterns used on the same quilt. One side looks like a collage of Beacon blanket fabrics; the other is a traditional Light and Dark Log Cabin done primarily in wools with a few strips of Beacon material and a bit of silk. Both sides are equally striking and in excellent condition. Virginia origin; measures 70" x 80". Circa 1930.
Tulip Bowl Quilt: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
This Tulip Bowl quilt is an interesting contrast in that it is sophisticated in design while crude in execution. Sinuous stems are different in each block. Appliqued circles in each pot and atop the lavender flowers are wonderful abstract design. Partially appliqued by machine. Measures 69" x 82";Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1930. This is a pattern created by Mountain Mist.
Kansas Troubles Quilt: Circa 1910; Pennsylvania
Very bouncy Kansas Troubles (aka Sawtooth) pattern quilt that is done in solid colors giving it added spark. Additional small triangles at each intersection create Bowtie and Pinwheel patterns. Well quilted in two alternating designs. Freshly washed and spotless. Measures 72" x 82"; Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1910.
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