Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 20th CenturyStella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 20th Century

Quilts: 20th Century (110)

Sawtooth Diamond Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
While this Sawtooth Diamond quilt may "read" pink on some monitors, it is actually a red chambray, that is red with white threads running through it. The unusual border adds a wonderful new dimension to this traditional pattern. It is in mint, unwashed condition and well quilted with a variety of patterns. The border may have been completed at a later date as it is a newer fabric but I see no reason for it to be a replacement as the quilt shows absolutely no signs of wear. Made circa 1920;... Click for details
Gingerbread Man Quilt with Animals: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
What young girl wouldn't have sweet dreams sleeping under this charming quilt? The center is what I believe to be a gingerbread man surrounded by a puppy, chicks, an elephant, a kitten and some indeterminate animals. All have embroidered faces. It is well quilted with a variety of patterns. The center is crosshatched with cables in two borders and flowers in the corners. The outer border is quilted with overlapping circles. There are two very tiny (smaller than a pea) spots next to the central... Click for details
Pastel Shirting Bars Quilt: Ca. 1920; Pa.
This is a Bars quilt with soft, creamy solid color shirting fabrics. It is nicely framed with a triangle border that repeats the quilting pattern within the Bars.It is in pristine, unwashed condition. Lebanon County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920. Measurements are 70" x 84".
Black Eyed Susan/Barnraising Quilt: Circa 1900
To the best of my knowledge, this quilt pattern combining Black Eyed Susans with Barnraising is an original. The green has probably lightened with washing but the quilt remains vibrant and strong. The egg yolk yellow/ orange of the Barnraising perfectly continues the Black Eyed Susan theme. Measurements are 67" x 80". Probably Southern origin; circa 1900.
Gambler's Choice Quilt: Circa 1960
This is certainly a one of a kind quilt made for the card playing or craps playing gambler. The green fabric is also reminiscent of the top of a pool table. Dice are shown in the corners as well as the inner medallion. Hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs surround them. This is the ultimate crossover quilt with traditional star and tumbling blocks patterns as well as the gambling theme. Measures 80" square. Clever use of polka dot fabric for binding and backing that continues the dice theme.... Click for details
Light and Dark Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1920; Pa.
Striking Log Cabin quilt that makes several light and dark patterns. Consistent use of solid colored red and blue give the quilt lots of zing. It is as crisp and pristine as the day it was made in the 1920's. The backing is made of large blocks of solid color pastels. Measurements are 76" square; Pennsylvania origin.
Morning Glory and Monkey Wrench Quilt: Circa 1930; Pa.
This Morning Glories quilt combines two traditional patterns that are rarely, if ever, seen together. The geometric Monkey Wrench is an unusual, but effective, matching with the floral pattern. The entire piece is light and airy with lovely quilting and a graceful scalloped border. Measurements are 80" x 92" to outer edges of scallops. Made by Marie Kritcher in McKeesport, Pennsylvania in the 1930's for her son Larry. Perhaps that explains the choice of the Monkey Wrench pattern.
Baskets of Flowers Quilt: Circa 1930
Charming and cheerful Baskets of Flowers Quilt. The baskets are intricately made of of alternating peach and green triangles. Nicely quilted with patterns repeating the floral motifs of the applique. Excellent condition. Measures 58" x 74"; circa 1930.
Rooster Quilt: Circa 1898; Pennsylvania origin
This unique Rooster quilt is truly something to crow about. It is made entirely of 1 inch squares. The background is cotton; the rooster's body is primarily velvet with some wool. In addition to being quilted, the rooster's body is also tied which I believe is meant to give the effect of feathers. The forty five star flag dates the quilt to the time period between 1896 and 1908. The light squares toward the bottom look like letters and possibly a number but I am not clearly able to decipher... Click for details
Fence Rail Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1930; Pa.
The small scale blocks of this Fence Rail Log Cabin Quilt are particularly impressive given the huge size of the quilt. It measures 93" x 110", probably the largest 1930's quilt I have seen. Well crafted; pristine, unwashed condition. A variety of printed and solid fabrics are beautifully blended to make the solid pink stand out like streaks of lightning. The pink tone is slightly dustier in color than shows on my monitor.This beautiful quilt would fit amply on a king size bed.
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Stella Rubin has been buying and selling antiques, specializing in American quilts, since 1976. She has sold to most of the major museums in the United States, including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Smithsonian Institution; Colonial Williamsburg; The DAR; the International Quilt Study Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

She is the author of Miller's "Treasure or Not: How to Compare and Value American Quilts". In addition to quilts and other textiles, Stella has a secondary specialty in fine design gold and silver jewelry.

During her decades in the antiques business, she has participated in most of America's most prestigious antiques shows including: The Philadelphia Antique Show: The Delaware Antique Show; The Museum of American Folk Art Antique Show and the New Hampshire Antique Show.

Stella is glad to work with you whether you're selecting an individual piece or forming a collection. She represents a wide range of quilts, from the finest to the funkiest. We welcome you to her gallery in Maryland as well as to this website,

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