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Quilts: 19th Century (286)

Swirling Pinwheels Quilt: Circa 1880
This is one of the most dramatic examples of a Swirling Pinwheel (aka Rising Sun or Wheel of Life) quilt that I have seen. The use of solid red and green punctuated by orange centers gives it real drama. The rows of diamonds around the Pinwheels add to the pulsating quality. LeMoyne Stars are another fine element. The quilt is in excellent, unwashed condition. There are some slight irregularities in the green which is probably a home dyed fabric and somewhat fugitive. It is quilted with... Click for details
Wandering Foot Quilt: Circa 1870' Pennsylvania
After much searching, I have not found a comparable pattern to this. It is closest to those known as Wandering Foot; Burr and Thistle or The Swallow. Unlike them, this quilt has a square center while the others have centers with a curved or concave square. Regardless of the name, this quilt is well made. It is quilted with diamond patterns. Placing the blocks so that the tails abut one another creates an unexpected secondary pattern. The border is a luscious print that combines well with the... Click for details
Whirlwind Quilt: Circa 1830's
This unusual Swirling Pinwheels (aka Whirlwind) quilt is exquisitely stitched. The quilting patterns create wreaths around the Pinwheels. They join to form concentric diamonds between the wheels. The addition of the pieced Sawtooth inner border adds to the dramatic movement of the quilt.The Pinwheels are all made of the same printed fabric with two different ones used for the inner and outer borders. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in excellent condition. Measurements are... Click for details
Double X Quilt: Pennsylvania; Circa 1870's
This Double X quilt pattern is also known as Old Maid's Puzzle. The example offered is done in a deep indigo calico with a print of tiny double dots. The unusual deep chevron border is of the same material. It is very well quilted with feathered wreaths in each of the off blocks. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in pristine condition. Measurements are 75" x 83". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870's.
Glazed Chintz Wholecloth Quilt: Circa 1840;Mass.
This glazed chintz Wholecloth quilt is as crisp as the day it was made some 160 years ago. It was certainly packed away and did not see the light of day. The printed fabric consists of rows of floral bouquets. It is probably English. It is unusual that such an elegant front has a very plain cotton backing. It is quilted with chevron patterns throughout. The quilt measures 96" x 98". It is from the Plumer Humphreys Barton family, one of the first settlers of Newbury, Massachusetts. Made circa... Click for details
Toile de Jouy Quilt - Mohicans at the Waterfall: Circa 1830
This French toile de jouy fabric was undoubtedly made for the American market as it depicts the Mohicans at the Waterfall. The front of the quilt is cotton and the back appears to be linen. The front is in excellent condition. There are some holes on the back that seem to be where the quilt was caught in the bedsprings. The fabric is richly colored shades of red and pink. It does not have any of the brownish tones that show on my monitor. Measurements are 93" x 98".
Baskets Quilt: Circa 1880; Ohio
This Baskets Quilt has so much going on that it is difficult to know how to name it. An appliqued flower comes out of each basket. It has a triple diagonal sashing intersecting with Nine Patch blocks. Repeated use of the green calico on the base of the baskets; handles and flower stems makes a nice balance to the strong use of solid red. Stems of the flowers are finely embroidered. The quilt is in pristine, unwashed condition. It measures 88 inches square. It is nicely quilted with pinwheel... Click for details
Four Patch in NIne Patch Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
Finely made Four Patch in Nine Patch quilt from Franklin County, Pennsylvania. Pinned to it is a tag from The Franklin County Quilt Documentation Project. The quilt is made of a lovely assortment of printed 1870's fabrics. The backing is a Bars pattern. The quilt is in pristine, unwashed condition. Measurements are 84 inches square.
Birds in the Air Quilt: Circa 1880
This Birds in the Air quilt is made of a wide selection of printed fabrics that date from the mid 19th century to the 1880's. Placement of darks and lights gives a nice diagonal movement to the whole piece. The quilting is done in a pattern of concentric arcs. Condition is excellent; measurements are 66" x 82".
Baskets of Flowers Quilt: Circa 1900
This Baskets of Flowers quilt could not be more bold and straightforward. It is well pieced; appliqued and quilted. Using the same colors for the details of the Baskets as well as the flowers pulls it all together. At first glance, it appears that the red and green flowers on the left of each basket are done with reverse applique. Closer examination, though, shows that the green was actually stitched on top of the red. The piece is very well quilted with a wreath in each off block and cable... Click for details
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She is the author of Miller's "Treasure or Not: How to Compare and Value American Quilts". In addition to quilts and other textiles, Stella has a secondary specialty in fine design gold and silver jewelry.

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