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Quilts: 19th Century (277)

Fifteen Point Star Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
It's difficult to say whether or not the maker of this Fifteen Point Lone Star Quilt set out to make this pattern or whether it got out of control. In either case, it is likely unique. It is interesting that five point stars surround the central image and the overall star essentially has five sides. So maybe this was all intentional? Unwashed, immaculate condition. Wonderful selection of fabrics. Measures 80" square; Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880.
Robbing Peter to Pay Paul Quilt; Ca. 1850; Pennsylvania
Elegant Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt with glazed chintz border. Unwashed condition; one area of faint discoloration but essentially excellent condition. Several slightly different printed fabrics used for the lighter areas. Backing fabric, shown in last thumbnail photo, is most likely home dyed. Measures 82" x 108". Circa 1850; Pennsylvania origin. Illustrated in "The Quilt: A History and Celebration of an American Art Form" by Elise Schebler Roberts.
Four Patch in Diamond Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Charming Four Patch quilt with each small block set in a diamond. Terrific variety of fabrics are nicely framed by a large triangle border. Clamshell quilting in border. Pristine, probably unwashed condition. Circa 1880; Pennsylvania origin. Measures 69" x 74".
Irish Chain Quilt: Signed and Dated 1890; Pennsylvania
Dramatic Irish Chain quilt framed by a most unusual variation of a swag border. Signed and dated 1890; Pennsylvania origin. Unwashed condition with several light spots that could be removed with laundering. Nicely waffle quilted. Measures 82" x 90".
Hole in the Barn Door Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Extremely handsome Hole in the Barn Door quilt done in rich, printed fabrics. Pristine, unwashed condition. Generous size of 92" square. Reversible to two printed bands and a striped middle. Well pieced; cable quilting in borders. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880.
Thousand Pyramids Quilt: Circa 1870; Pa.
The name Thousand Pyramids does not come close to the actual number of pieces in this quilt. It consists of 8640 well pieced trangles. Unwashed condition. Inked initials; Kempton, Pennsylvania origin (Berks County). Circa 1870. Measures 82" x 89".
Double Nine Patch Quilt: Circa 1870
This extraordinary quilt is so much more than a traditional Double Nine Patch pattern. Not only do the alternate blocks form an additional strong pattern; when seen from a distance, the viewer realizes that each Nine Patch block is set in a brown circle, all of which are gracefully connected. Excellent condition; measures 82" x 84". Well crafted. Likely an original patern. Circa 1870.
Windmill Blades Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870; Pa.
Classic Windmill Blades (aka Pineapple) Log Cabin quilt done in beautiful light wools. Has a great deal of whirling movement for which this pattern is known. Excellent condition; desirable piano key border on three sides. Measures 68" x 75". Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.
Tumbling Blocks Quilt: Circa 1880; New York
This velvet Tumbling Blocks quilt is as lush and sensuous as a sable coat - but more politically correct. Rich, dense colors combined with the depth of the fabric make this an exceptional example of an always desirable pattern. Wonderfully three dimensional. Tied on the back which is cafe au lait colored cotton sateen that also forms the binding. Albany, New York origin. Measures 67" x 78"; circa 1880.
Four Baskets Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
This Four Baskets pattern was immortalized some twenty years ago when it was used as a United States postage stamp. The placement of color in this example makes it even more interesting than most. The use of two colors gives both the original block of two red (it "reads" pink but the material is actually a soft brick color with a white print) and two green baskets. One can see equally prominently a block of four red and four green baskets. Finally, there are diagonal crisscrosses of the two... Click for details
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