Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 19th CenturyStella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 19th Century

Quilts: 19th Century (277)

Compass Star Quilt: Circa 1880
This Compass Stars quilt is unusual both for the pattern and the fact that the indigo is used as the ground. More often, one would find a navy pattern on a white ground. Four Patch corner blocks show a nice attention to detail. It is very well quilted and in excellent condition. Measurements are 76 inches square; made circa 1880.
Alphabet Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania
Alphabet quilts are rare and in this eye popping color scheme, even more so. A white pattern on a colored ground is the reverse of what one would usually find in any quilt pattern. The stars used for corner blocks add additional "pop". The quilt measures 68" x 80". It is quilted with concentric circles over each letter and straight lines between. Excellent condition. Franklin County, Pennsylvania origin.
Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870;Pennsylvania
Straight Furrows Log Cabin quilt with rich jewel tones. It is primarily made of fine wool challis with an occasional strip of silk. The back is also light weight wool. The centers are done in a way not usually seen. The fact that they are divided into triangles works especially well as it continues the diagonal theme of the Straight Furrows. The lower left corner has a variation in the placement of one block. Some would say this is a demonstration of humility in that only God is perfect. There... Click for details
Streak of Lightning Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
This Streak of Lightning quilt is most unusual in its construction. It is made with small triangles, more reminiscent of an Ocean Waves than the usual Streak of Lightning. It is exquisitely quilted with detailed wreaths and hearts in each white block. It is made with a beautifully coordinated selection of printed fabrics. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in pristine condition. Measurements are 82" x 96": Pennsylvania origin. Made 1870's.
Sunburst Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Both the pattern and colors make this Sunburst quilt a really powerful design. I like to think that the center and corners choices of flowers warmed by the sun are a symbolic choice as well as good design. The quilt is in excellent, unwashed condition. The body is quilted with postage stamp size squares and a cable pattern in the border. An identical quilt is in the collection of the American Folk Art Museum and is attributed to a member of Alverda H. Hoffman Herb family; Berk's county... Click for details
Barnraising Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1880's; Pennsylvania
This Barnraising Log Cabin quilt is an American classic. It has a very nice variety of late 19th century printed fabrics. The logs are a desirable small scale. The red and green outer borders are good complements to the interior fabrics. It is well quilted with cable patterns in the borders. Mint, unwashed condition. Measurements are 80" x82": Pennsylvania origin.
Folky Sampler Quilt: Dated 1893; Pennsylvania
This charming Sampler Quilt is appliqued with many of the elements the maker likely saw on her farm. In addition to a horse; cow; rooster; cat; vegetables; flowers and birds it has the most unusual feature of a hand saw! There are also some unidentified appliques. It is difficult to know whether they were meant as abstract shapes or, more likely, had meaning to the maker. The initials A.S are appliqued but unfortunately, not an entire name. The quilt is from Kimberton, Pennsylvania. It is in... Click for details
Carolina Lily Quilt: Circa 1860; Pennsylvania
This finely made Carolina Lily quilt is enhanced by the solid and sawtooth frames. The wide white border is an excellent showcase for the quilted feather with stars; leaves and flowers. The off blocks within the quilt alternate star and flower patterns similar to those in the border. It is interesting that rather than all of the flowers facing each other, the bottom row faces up giving a more graceful appearance to the entire composition. The quilt measures 91" x 98", ample for a king size bed.... Click for details
Album Patch Quilt: Circa 1860; Maryland
This classic Album Patch quilt is made with a beautiful selection of fabrics from the third quarter of the 19th century. A rich paisley print is used for most of the sashing and pulls together the many other printed fabrics. A related paisley print is used both within the quilt and as an anchoring border. The quilt has a hole in the back about the size of a fifty cent piece that does not go through to the front. There is light staining on the back and several inches of separation between the... Click for details
Windmill Blades Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania
This Windmill Blades Log Cabin quilt (aka Pineapple Log Cabin) is a very fine Victorian example. The logs are very narrow measuring just 1/4 of an inch. This creates many contrasting light and dark blocks and the swirling effect one expects in the Windmill pattern. The body of the quilt is made of silks and satins with a blue velvet border. There is slight damage to the dark silks near the center where the quilt has been folded for a long time. The number of damaged strips is minimal compared... Click for details
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Stella Rubin has been buying and selling antiques, specializing in American quilts, since 1976. She has sold to most of the major museums in the United States, including: The Metropolitan Museum of Art; The Smithsonian Institution; Colonial Williamsburg; The DAR; the International Quilt Study Center and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

She is the author of Miller's "Treasure or Not: How to Compare and Value American Quilts". In addition to quilts and other textiles, Stella has a secondary specialty in fine design gold and silver jewelry.

During her decades in the antiques business, she has participated in most of America's most prestigious antiques shows including: The Philadelphia Antique Show: The Delaware Antique Show; The Museum of American Folk Art Antique Show and the New Hampshire Antique Show.

Stella is glad to work with you whether you're selecting an individual piece or forming a collection. She represents a wide range of quilts, from the finest to the funkiest. We welcome you to her gallery in Maryland as well as to this website,

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