Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 19th CenturyStella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts: Quilts, 19th Century

Quilts: 19th Century (277)

Touching Stars Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Touching Stars quilt in soft shades of brown and tan printed fabrics. It has an applique border on two opposing sides with flowers in the shape of hearts. It is nicely quilted with wreaths filled with compass - like figures. It has been professionally laundered and is in excellent condition. Measurements are 76" x 80". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880's.
Broderie Perse Dresser Scarf: Circa 1830
This rare broderie perse (chintz applique) dresser scarf is one of the most delicate pieces I have seen. The applique and hemmed edging are sewn with exquisitely tiny stitches. The fabrics appear to be block printed. The piece measures 15 1/2" x 47"; all fabrics are cotton. Condition is excellent. This is a wonderful piece of American decorative art whether used on a table or mounted on a wall. Made circa 1830.
Center Medallion Applique Quilt with Lovebirds: Circa 1880; Pennsylvan
At first glance, some would think this is a Hawaiian quilt - not so. It is similar to Hawaiian in that it has the solid color central applique design but there the similarity ends. This quilt has pairs of lovebirds; stars and swags, not seen on quilts of the islands. True, the leaf designs have similarity. This quilt measures 78" x 80". It is quilted in diamond designs, unlike the echo quilting of Hawaiian pieces. The binding is machine stitched. Condition is excellent. Pennsylvania origin;... Click for details
Love Apple Quilt: Circa 1870; New York
This Love Apple quilt is an extremely graceful, sinuous pattern that reminds me of a ballet dance. The flowering trees are exceptional in themselves with the outer branches seeming like outreached arms. The undulating vine throughout the pattern holds it all together in a most elegant way. Quilting patterns repeat the appliqued leaves. The color choices add to the appeal of this rarely seen pattern. Measurements are 88" x 90. Condition is excellent. Rochester, New York origin; circa 1870.
Rising Suns and Hearts Quilt: Circa 1850; New York
This combination of a Rising Suns pattern with quadruple hearts is delicate and finely done. The Suns are made with an extensive variety of beautiful printed fabrics. The hearts are all of the same red fabric with embroidered stems. It is quilted throughout with small squares. The quilt has been professionally laundered. Very, very close examination shows several small darned areas but they are not readily visible. Measurements are 74" x 86". New York State origin; circa 1850.
Swirling Pinwheels Quilt with Applique: Circa 1870; Missouri
Playful and unusual quilt of Swirling Pinwheels alternating with triple stems of floral applique. Both the colors and pattern are out of the ordinary. The fabrics are probably home dyed which I conclude based upon the irregularity of the colors. There is ever so slight surface soiling but I have not had the quilt laundered out of concern for the possibility of further loss of color. The quilt is dynamic in spite of its condition issues. Measurements are 63" x 83". Missouri origin; circa 1870.
Nine Patch/ Sampler Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
This unusual quilt is a combination of Nine Patch with a variety of additional blocks that include among others: Pinwheel; Rolling Stone; Bowtie and Hourglass. They are scattered throughout with no discernible overall design. The quilt is made of a nice variety of late 19th century calico fabrics. The border utilizes two closely related "double pink" calico prints. It is in excellent, probably unwashed condition. Measurements are 80" x 82". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880's.
Rose Wreaths Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
This appliqued wreaths quilt goes by various names, most often Rose Wreath. It is in excellent, unwashed condition. Finely cross stitched on the back are the initials CWK. Could this be a sister of FEK, written on the back of Item 1452729? Both are embroidered by the same hand. Quilting is done with outlines around the applique and diamonds throughout the border. Measurements are 72" x 86". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.
Barnraising Log Cabin Quilt:: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
This is a wonderful example of a classic Barnraising Log Cabin quilt. It is especially crisp and bold. It is in unwashed, unused condition. The solid red centers really stand out next to the printed multicolor fabrics. "Conversational prints" include tennis rackets; horseshoes and an acrobat balancing on a ball. Finely cross stitched on the back are the initials FEK. Measurements are 76" x 88". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880.
Postage Stamp Quilt with 16,665 Pieces; 1891; Pennsylvania
This extraordinary Postage Stamp quilt was made by Mrs. Cecelia Abbott of LeRaysville, Pennsylvania in 1891. It merited an article in the Wyalusing Rocket, a local newspaper. The pieces are barely more than half an inch to a side. Multiple designs cover the entire quilt, not least of which are the red Nine Patches in the center of each corner block and the orange and teal centers of each block throughout the quilt. The quilt is in pristine, unwashed condition. A note sewn to the back,... Click for details
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She is the author of Miller's "Treasure or Not: How to Compare and Value American Quilts". In addition to quilts and other textiles, Stella has a secondary specialty in fine design gold and silver jewelry.

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