Oval Loops Sterling Silver Necklace   $395.00   

Unusual long sterling silver necklace with two alternating finishes. One is a matte surface and the other is what the maker refers to as "chaotica" as it is an allover irregular pattern. The loops are deeper at one end than the other all of which contributes to its unusual look. It measures 29" long; links are 3/4" wide.      
Oval Loops Sterling Silver Necklace
Eduardo Herrera Oxidized Silver and Tumbaga Necklace
  Eduardo Herrera Oxidized Silver and Tumbaga Necklace   $2,650.00

This extraordinary necklace was made by Mexican architect turned jeweler, Eduardo Herrera. It is made of oxidized 950 silver (higher quality than sterling) and tumbaga. Tumbaga is a pre-Colombian technique used in Mesoamerica and South America to create an alloy of gold with copper. The combination of tumbaga with the blackened silver could not be more striking. Herrera's architectural background is evident in the construction of this necklace with elaborately overlapping graduated size links.... Click for details

Sterling Silver and Rosewood Long Chain Necklace   $675.00  

This long sterling silver and rosewood chain necklace is striking and versatile. It measures 47" in length. It does not have a clasp but is long enough to be doubled over the head. The large links are 1 1/8" x 15/16". Made by hand; designed by Maria Belen.
Sterling Silver and Rosewood Long Chain Necklace
Silver Beads Necklace with Onyx Center
  Silver Beads Necklace with Onyx Center   $595.00

This graduated silver beads necklace is centered with a huge, fabulous ball of a roped silver design interspersed with oval onyx stones. The center ball measures 1 1/2" in diameter. The necklace is 20" wearable length. Beads can easily be removed from the ends if one wanted to shorten it. Strung on a silver chain. Both the interior chain and all of the balls are all handmade.

Silver and Wood Links Bracelet   $550.00  

Bold and unusual sterling silver and wood bracelet by Violante Ulrich and her partner, Jason. Smooth links alternate with hammered ones. The wood rectangles also vary in placement. The bracelet measures 7 1/2" long and 1 9/16" wide. Violante learned silversmithing growing up on the Spratling ranch. The influence of Spratling's work is clear in her designs and choice of materials, giving them a contemporary twist.
Silver and Wood Links Bracelet
Silver and Copper Necklace with Rose Quartz
  Silver and Copper Necklace with Rose Quartz   $750.00

Handmade silver and copper box links necklace interspersed with balls of rose quartz. Designed by Violante Ulrich in Mexico. Violante's father purchased the Spratling ranch after Spratling's death. She grew up surrounded by the designs and craftsman of the Mexican silver master. The necklace measures 27" wearable length. Links are 5/16" wide.

Agnes Seebass Silver Necklace   $395.00  

This pendant necklace is an unusual design for jeweler, Agnes Seebass. Fine silver wires are intricately woven and inset in a sterling frame. The design is simultaneously strong and delicate. The pendant is hung on a steel cable that is also delicate in width but strong as steel. The pendant measures 1 11/16" wide and 1 5/8" tall.
Agnes Seebass Silver Necklace
Silver and Sodalite Cuff Bracelet
  Silver and Sodalite Cuff Bracelet   $450.00

This handsome, sterling and sodalite cuff bracelet can be worn equally well by a man or woman. Graduated size oval stones are framed by triangular bands of silver. Hammer marks on the inside are evidence that it is totally hand fabricated. It measures 1 1/4" wide; inside diameter is 2 1/2" with an opening 1 1/16". The size can be modified a bit, either larger or smaller.

Silver Bracelet with Labradorite and Iolite   $575.00  

This awesome, one of a kind bracelet is made of two types of stones. The flat stones are labradorite and the cabochon and faceted stones are iolite. They beautifully combine blues, grays and purples. The bracelet is heavily silver plated. It is 2" wide and adjustable in length from 7 1/4" to 8 1/2".
Silver Bracelet with Labradorite and Iolite
Sterling Silver Bracelet with Ruby and Cognac Quartz
  Sterling Silver Bracelet with Ruby and Cognac Quartz   Sold

This richly colored bracelet is full of texture, both from the stones and the silver. The rough cut of the ruby and cognac quartz stones creates wonderful uneven surfaces. The silver has a brushed matte finish. A toggle clasp can fit in three different loops, giving lots of size flexibility. The bracelet is 1 1/2" wide and can range in length from 7" to 8 1/2".

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