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Folk Art (82)

Pair of Frog Pillows: Circa 1930; Maine
This is a charming pair of different size frog pillows from Maine made in the 1930's. They are stuffed with pine needles as is evident from the holes in the smaller frog. The tops are made of wool felt with cotton for the bottoms. The larger frog measures 16 inches in length; the smaller is 12".
Tartan Plaid Painted Box in Original Paint: Circa 1870's
This colorful tartan plaid box is hand decorated with shades of green; orange; red and yellow. It retains the original paint in very good condition. A newspaper under the interior mirror is dated 1871. Probably Pennsylvania origin. Measurements are 10 3/4" wide; 8 3/4" tall and 5 1/2" tall.
Patched and Embroidered Denim Overalls: Circa 1950
Both pairs of heavily mended; patched and embroidered overalls have taken on a life of their own. They owners of these work pants were either very poor and/or very dedicated to their clothing. They are reminiscent of the tradition of Japanese boros in which clothing and bedcovers are mended many times over and elevated in status from functional textiles to that of art. It is not a tradition, though, that one often sees in this country. It is clear on the adult pants in particular that the sewer... Click for details
Concrete Garden Ornament of a Dog: Circa 1930
This whimsical concrete dog was surely meant for a garden but I am sure he is housebroken and would be equally happy indoors. The dog measures 13 1/4" tall and 9" from front to back. It is nicely hand painted with a bit of a silly smile. Made circa 1930's.
Homemade Cat Toys: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
The sock cat on the left is unusual for two reasons. Very few are white - they are virtually always black. In addition, few have legs. This has two front legs. Whiskers and eyebrows are drawn; eyes and lips are painted. The cat measures 9" tall from the paws to tips of the ears. It has several darned areas attesting to the fact that it was played with and loved. SOLD The black cat on the left is wool mohair. A small hole in one front leg shows that it is straw filled and has a wire armature.... Click for details
Cat Braided Rug: Circa 1950
This charming braided cat rug would be equally happy on a floor or wall. It is made of heavy wools and should be sturdy enough to be suitable on a floor. Measurements are 34" x 47" to the top of the ears. It is in excellent condition.
French Terra Cotta Jugs
These French terra cotta storage jugs are unusually large. The one on the left is 17 1/2" tall and the right is 21 1/2". They were most likely made for storage of food like olives but have decorative uses in contemporary homes. In addition to vases for flowers, for instance, they would make wonderful umbrella or cane stands. They are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. They show expected signs of wear for utilitarian pottery. Probably made circa 1930. They are offered for sale... Click for details
Homemade Lancaster County Amish Toy Horses: Circa 1920
Pair of well loved and played with Amish homemade cloth horse toys. They 8 3/4" tall from the hooves to top of the neck and 14" from nose to tail. Both have remnants of their manes and eyes of straight pins. Hooves are indicated by an overlay of fabric. Lancaster County Amish; made circa 1920.
Spool Doll Bed with Linens; Dated 1905
This spool doll bed is charming in itself but even more so with the inclusion of its original linens. It has a mattress; quilt and pillow all done in beautiful 1870's fabrics. The bed measures 11 1/4" long; 7" wide and 9" to the top of the headboard. On the bottom is written that it was made in 1905.
French Jaspe Pitchers: Circa 1900
Three jaspe pitchers typical of the collectible designs of this rustic terra cotta French pottery. The pitcher on the left with orange dots on brown measures 3 3/4" tall.There is very slight predictable age related wear around the rim. The middle with brown dots on orange is 4" tall with very little wear and no chips. The right is 4 5/8" tall and has a small, unobtrusive chip on the rim. The glaze is very close to the color of the clay so it barely shows. All date to about 1900. Additional... Click for details
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