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Folk Art (82)

Emilia Castillo Alabaster and Sterling Silver Bowl
Elegant alabaster bowl with sterling silver ornamentation by Emilia Castillo. The bowl measures 14 inches in diameter. Five leaves, that I believe are philodendron, are folded over the rim. Irregularities in the color of the bowl are not cracks - they are natural to the stone. The piece is in excellent condition. Made circa 1990.
Mennonite Chicken: Circa 1900; Pennsylvania
Totally charming, homemade Mennonite black chicken toy. She is made of cotton with embroidered eyes and a pleated red comb. There is a feathered pocket(?) on one side. There may have been one on the other side as well. Measurements are 10 1/4 inches from beak to tail and 9 inches to the top of the comb. Made circa 1900; Pennsylvania origin.
Pair of Framed Watercolors of Taxco, Mexico; Circa 1950
Pair of charming, well crafted watercolor paintings of scenes in Taxco, Mexico that were done about 1950. The paintings are signed "M. Reina". Manuel Reina is a known artist who favored scenes of Mexican villages. The paintings are in handmade wood frames that are carved to appear like the bark of a tree. The frames measure 11 1/2" x 14". The paintings within are 6" x 9". The paintings very effectively evoke the feeling of a Mexican pueblo. Condition is excellent. Sold as a pair.
Metal Letters Spelling Keep or Peek
These four metal letters can be arranged to spell: keep; peek or peke (short for Pekingese). They measure 2 inches tall. Holes drilled in each letter make it easy to hang on a wall or spread on a table, if you prefer.
Metal Cubes
Metal Cubes $385.00
Six handmade steel cubes may have been practice pieces for a welder or architect. They are 1 15/16" to a side. The cubes are like tinker toys for adults. One can amuse one's self by mixing and matching various combinations. Made probably mid 20th century.
Three Clothes Pin Dolls; Circa 1900; Pennsylvania
This trio of homemade dolls has could not be more charming. All have clothes pins for their bodies. The dolls on the left and the right are elaborately dressed with layers of petticoats. The macrocephalic girl in the middle has a dress and necklace but lacks the undergarments of the other two. She has an embroidered face and cap. She is 6 3/4" long. The left doll is the smallest of the group measuring just 4 1/2" tall. Her face, including teeth, is embroidered. She has hair and a head scarf. The... Click for details
Double Swing Handle Basket; Circa 1900; Pennsylvania
Both the shape of this basket and the fact that it has double swing handles make it most unusual. The basket is 8 1/4" long; 3 1/4" at the widest and 3 " tall excluding the handles. Condition is excellent and patina is beautiful. The basket is from Pennsylvania; circa 1900.
Fred Davis Sterling Box with Onyx Face: Circa 1940
Handmade sterling silver box with a carved onyx face that is emblematic of the work of Fred Davis. Davis was the first person to promote Mexican folk art and jewelry, beginning work in Mexico City in the 1920's. This beautifully crafted box was probably made for cigarettes but would serve equally well for business cards or other small items. Hand hammer marks are intentionally visible on the inside with a smooth finish on the outside. The box measures 3 1 1/6" wide; 4 1/16" long and 5/16"... Click for details
Pair of Wood Glove Stretchers
This pair of wood glove stretchers is unusually thick, measuring 9/16" in depth. The larger of the two is 15 inches long. While one is marked with an incised letter S, they seem anything but small. The pair have a wonderful look of an abstract sculpture and would be nice ornaments on a wall or table. One already has a loop for hanging and the other could easily have one added. They are priced at $235. for the pair.
Handcarved Wood Frame
Hand carved wood frame depicting the amusements and vices of the 1920's. It includes: dice; a champagne bottle; playing cards; polo equipment; sheet music; a flapper girl and, most surprising of all - a dreidel. How this fits with the other images is a mystery. The dreidel is a four sided top used in a children's game at Channukah. The frame is hand carved and painted. It is titled Spice of Life. The frame measures 9 3/4" x 12". The opening is 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and would be perfect for either a... Click for details
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