Ocean Waves Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania   $835   

This classic Ocean Waves quilt is enhanced with a sawtooth border. It's interesting to note that the triangles making up the border are actually the same pieces as used throughout the body of the quilt. They have quite a different look when seen in a different context. It is well quilted with floral wreaths in the off blocks and arcs in the border. Condition is excellent. Measurements are 66" x 84". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880.      
Ocean Waves Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Tane Sterling Silver Links Bracelet
  Tane Sterling Silver Links Bracelet   $735

This substantial, beautifully textured sterling silver bracelet was created by Tane, Mexico's most prestigious silversmiths. They have been in business since 1942. The bracelet consists of four rows of square, textured links. It is one inch wide and 7 1/4 inches in wearable length. In a nod to their elegance, the safety catch is made of gold as one often sees in Tane's work. The bracelet weighs a hefty 75 grams. It is sold with the Tane box and presentation case. Made about 1900.

Tane Sterling Silver Necklace   $775  

Feathered sterling silver necklace by Tane, Mexico's equivalent to the high end jewelry of Tiffany. The necklace consists of many overlapping lozenge shaped links made of tiny silver beads. Overall, it has a wonderful feathery look. The necklace measures 18 1/2 inches in wearable length. It is sold in the original Tane box and presentation case.
Tane Sterling Silver Necklace
Cartier Trinity Stacking Gold Ring
  Cartier Trinity Stacking Gold Ring   $2,875

In 1924, Cartier began their Trinity collection in which they combine elements of yellow; white and rose gold. The white is meant to denote lasting friendship; rose gold is for true love and the white signifies fidelity. They have expanded the original intertwined rolling ring concept and made it one of their signature combinations in all forms of jewelry. This stacking ring is a form not often seen. The three bands are joined together in a slightly asymmetrical design. This ring is size 6... Click for details

Light and Dark Diamonds Quilt: Circa 1880;Pennsylvania   $985  

Striking Light and Dark Diamonds quilt with a beautiful use of fabrics and rich color. In addition to the outlines of the diamonds, the inside creates an Hourglass pattern. The two unusual fabrics on the border are a great enclosure for the diamonds. The quilt is especially well pieced. It is as fresh and crisp as the day it was made some 140 plus years ago. Measurements are 76 inches square. Hershey, Pennsylvania origin; made circa 1880.
Light and Dark Diamonds Quilt: Circa 1880;Pennsylvania
Stencilled Album Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
  Stencilled Album Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania   $4,600

Nineteenth century stencilled quilts are true rarities. To find one made in the early 20th century is virtually unheard of.This amazing example is even more unusual for the fact that it is also an album quilt. It was made in Pennsylvania; circa 1920 during the Colonial Revival period. The soft tones reflect the popularity of light, pastel colors in decorating schemes of the era. The 72 blocks are primarily floral but they also include American eagles and owls. The quilt is in excellent,... Click for details

Faux Finishing Paint Brushes   $685  

Nine faux finishing paint brushes are artfully mounted, so to speak, to create an interesting montage. Each of the brushes is different to create a specific effect. They are professionally mounted on a stretcher measuring 21 3/4" wide and 21 1/2" tall. The brushes are early 20th century.
Faux Finishing Paint Brushes
New York Beauty Quilt: Circa 1920; Kentucky
  New York Beauty Quilt: Circa 1920; Kentucky   $825

New York Beauty is always a dynamic quilt pattern and this is no exception. The bold red dominates while the soft green and orange are good back ups. The green has faded from a darker version but still holds its own. This is a difficult pattern to execute and the maker did a fine job creating needlelike points on the numerous triangles. The quilt is from Kentucky where for some unknown reason, many New York Beauties originated. Measurements are 65" x 84"; made circa 1920; excellent condition.

Jester Pendant on Gold Chain   $1,950  

This is a finely made, whimsical jester necklace. Is is made with beautifully inset stones of onyx; turquoise; lapis lazuli and malachite set on mother of pearl. The pendant measures 1 1/4 inches long and 7/8" wide. It is hung on a 19 inch gold box link chain. The pendant is signed and numbered although I am not able to read the name of the artist. Made circa 1990; excellent condition.
Jester Pendant on Gold Chain
Tiffany Sterling Silver and Enamel Cufflinks
  Tiffany Sterling Silver and Enamel Cufflinks   $825

Tiffany sterling silver cufflinks with enamel nautical flags that spell out Tiffany. The cufflinks are 13/16" in diameter. Light scratching to silver can be polished out but does not seem essential. The scratches are more prominent in the enlarged images than in real life. Enamel is in excellent condition.

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