Center Medallion Quilt: Circa 1870   $1,085   

Pieced Center Medallion Quilt made of richly colored light weight wools. Unusual format in that the Central Medallion was popular in the first half of the 19th century but had largely gone out of fashion at the time this was made. Quilted but seems to have originally been tied as well as indicated by regularly placed small dark circles. Circa 1870. Probably New England origin. Measures 68" x 78".      
Center Medallion Quilt: Circa 1870
Antonio Pineda Silver Earrings
  Antonio Pineda Silver Earrings   $295

All three pairs of the Antonio earrings are in excellent condition and well hallmarked. Left pair - Silver balls are hugged by two pairs of curved arms. Measure 1 3/8" long. Middle pair - Concave rectangle measures 3/4" x 5/8" Right pair - Trapezoid with azur malachite. I have seen this design done by Antonio as cuff links but not as earrings. Measure 3/4" x 1/2"

Amish One Patch Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania   $975  

Richly colored Amish One Patch quilt from Greene County, Pennsylvania. Seems to have been made by someone without tremendous financial resources but with a great color sense. Some of the blocks are pieced together with several pieces of the same materials. Front is wool; backing is cotton flannel. Measures 74" square; circa 1920.
Amish One Patch Quilt: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
Hector Aguilar Butterfly and Flower Brooches
  Hector Aguilar Butterfly and Flower Brooches   Sold

Hector Aguilar 940 silver Butterfly brooch. Measures 2 1/2" tall and 2 3/4" wide. 1940 - 48 hallmark. Aguilar rare Floral brooch. Beautifully three dimensional and detailed including stamen and pistils. Measures 2 3/4" wide and 2 1/2" tall. 1940 - 48 hallmark. Silver content is a bit difficult to read. Guaranteed minimum of 940 but could also be 970. Both are in excellent condition.

Antonio Pineda Cuff Links   Sold  

Twp pairs of cuff links by Antonio Pineda combining silver with onyx. Top pair - 970 silver. Measure 3/4" square. Bottom pair - offset half circles in onyx. Measure 7/8" long. Both pairs in excellent condition; circa 1960.
Antonio Pineda Cuff Links
Lemoyne Stars Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
  Lemoyne Stars Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania   $1,295

Variation of Lemoyne Stars Quilt pattern that may be unique. Central star is surrounded by a half star in each corner. White background is pieced so that the central star is in a square surrounded by a diamond. All done in a wonderful, richly colored plaid fabric. Nicely quilted. Professionally laundered; excellent condition. Some staining on back but none on the front. Measures 73" x 78". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.

Velvet Hexagons Quilt: Circa 1920; Pa.   $775  

Velvet Hexagons Quilt that has the lights and darks of stained glass. The texture of the velvets combined with the jewel colors give a real richness to this piece. Wonderful striped border. Velcro sewn to back - ready for hanging. Measures 64" x 68". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
Velvet Hexagons Quilt: Circa 1920; Pa.
Pine Trees Quilt: Circa 1890: Pennsylvania
  Pine Trees Quilt: Circa 1890: Pennsylvania   $1,550

Densely pieced Trees quilt makes for a veritable forest. Floral printed fabric perfectly continues the tree theme. Nine Patch corner blocks are a great ending for the triple borders. Pristine condition; professionally laundered. Measures 64" x 76". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1890.

Nine Patch in Bars Crib Quilt: Ca. 1880; Wisconsin   $985  

Crib quilt with unusual arrangement of Nine Patch set in Bars. Orange centers add just the right zing to this charming piece. Nicely quilted with extremely tiny stitches. Front is in excellent condition; a small area of wear on the back does not come through to the front. Measures 29" x 39". Circa 1880; Wisconsin origin.
Nine Patch in Bars Crib Quilt: Ca. 1880; Wisconsin
Circles Hooked Rug: Circa 1930
  Circles Hooked Rug: Circa 1930   $785

Original pattern hooked rug of divided circles. Soft, muted colors with a subtly striped background. Excellent condition; one small repair visible on the back. Measures 36" x 41". Wool with cotton binding; circa 1930.

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