Pots of Flowers Stuffed Applique Quilt: Circa 1850   $34,000   

This four block Pots of Flowers quilt is over the top both in terms of design and execution. The flowers; leaves; stems and chain sashing are all heavily stuffed applique. Finely detailed embroidery outlines the applique. Exuberant does not begin to describe the dense design that is so full it has something of an abstract look. The quilt has similarities to the work of Baltimore quilt maker known as Designer Three. Her quilts, as well as this piece, are intense in design and padded applique.... Click for details      
Pots of Flowers Stuffed Applique Quilt: Circa 1850
William Spratling Caviar Bracelets
  William Spratling Caviar Bracelets   $1,675

Offered for sale are two Caviar bracelets by silver master, William Spratling. Both are in excellent condition and measure 7 3/4 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in circumference. The beads are handmade. The clasps are incorporated into the design so as to be virtually invisible. The example on the left alternates silver and copper beads. It has Spratling's mark dating from 1964 - 1967. It has a safety chain. The price is $1675. The all silver bracelet on the left has Spratling's mark from... Click for details

Early Sewing Huswif Roll-up Case   $450  

Huswif roll up sewing case with a variety of printed fabrics that span about 50 years of manufacture. The block printed floral chintz on the bottom dates to the 1830's. The latest fabric is the red calico that dates to about 1880. Most are cotton; the half circles on top and the second panel from the top are wool challis. All are in excellent condition. Most unusual is that the back is pieced. Measurements are 4 7/8 inches x 22 inches; New York State origin.
Early Sewing Huswif Roll-up Case
Los Castillo Large Silver and Malachite Bowl
  Los Castillo Large Silver and Malachite Bowl   $975

Large and dramatic silver plate bowl with a malachite rim by Los Castillo. The diameter of the bowl is 16 inches. The bowl is round with the the tapered malachite rim expanding to 1 1/8 inches at the widest. The bowl is 4 1/2 inches tall including the four ball feet. It has exquisite scrolled handles of silver. Hand hammer marks add to the decorative quality of the piece. Made in the 1990's. Condition is excellent. There is a small area on one handle where the underlying copper shows through... Click for details

Tiffany Gold and Ruby Flower Brooch   $850  

Lovely Tiffany flower brooch of twisted 18 karat gold centered with seven rubies. The brooch has eight petals, the design of which is repeated in the two leaves at the bottom. The brooch measures 2 1/4 inches in length and one inch in width. It dates to the 1960's; condition is excellent.
Tiffany Gold and Ruby Flower Brooch
Delectable Mountains Quilt: Circa 1890
  Delectable Mountains Quilt: Circa 1890   $1,800

Delectable Mountains is often a bold, dynamic pattern but in this case, even more so than most. The fabric is a very, very dark blue/ green that in limited light looks black. The use of solid color fabric makes it even stronger. The quilt has a wonderful diamond border. It came from an estate in North Carolina but with no background information. The use of some dark quilting thread leads me to believe it is of Southern origin. Condition is excellent. Measurements are 78" x 86".

Evening Stars Quilt: Circa 1850; Pennsylvania   $2,675  

This is a rather elegant version of an Evening Stars quilt. It has a glazed chintz border with pea fowls throughout. The stars are beautiful grouping of brown printed fabrics with reddish brown in each corner. The back of the quilt is a pieced Bars pattern. It is from Ephrata, Pennsylvania (Lancaster County); circa 1850. Measurements are 92" square; excellent, unwashed condition.
Evening Stars Quilt: Circa 1850; Pennsylvania
Floral Applique Quilt: Circa 1920
  Floral Applique Quilt: Circa 1920   $735

It is difficult to say if this lovely applique quilt was meant to depict a specific flower or simply a graceful, five petal generic blossom. The color is certainly cornflower blue but I do not know whether it is meant to be that flower. Regardless, it is made of beautiful soft tones that combine well together. Buds along the edge make a terrific border. It is well appliqued and quilted. Stems are embroidered. The quilt is made of a fine cotton sateen. It is in pristine, unwashed... Click for details

Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania   $735  

This is an especially nice example of one of the most popular quilt patterns of the 1930's. The "gardens" are made on a small scale with a nice variety of solid and printed fabrics. Many of the prints are from feedsacks. The sashing is the perfect solid color blue. The quilt is in pristine, unwashed condition. Scalloped edges give a graceful finish. The quilt measures 84" x 88", suitable for a double or queen size bed. Dauphin County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1930.
Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt: Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
Mennonite Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870;Pa.
  Mennonite Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870;Pa.   Sold

This Mennonite Straight Furrows Log Cabin quilt is one of the most unusual I have seen. Elaborate embroidery creates a great counterpoint to the hard edges of the log cabin blocks and makes it "dressier" than most wool log cabins. The overlapping circles border is most unusual if not unique for this type of quilt. The solid color green tone is also out of the ordinary. The entire piece is made of wool. It is in pristine condition. Measurements are 72 inches square. Pennsylvania origin; Circa... Click for details

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