Sock Cats: Circa 1930   Sold   

Homemade sock cats, each with its own personality. Left - made of a dark brown ribbed sock. Measures 15" long from tip of ears to end of tail. Has a small mend on the front and several tiny holes. He looks like he was on the losing end of a fight as his tail is seriously mangled. Middle- the runt of the litter Measures 6" long and 2 3/4" at widest. The only one I've seen with buttons down the front - or are they meant to be nipples? Right - unusual to find one made of a white sock . 5" tall... Click for details      
Sock Cats: Circa 1930
Pennsylvania Pin Cushions
  Pennsylvania Pin Cushions   Sold

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania pin cushions from the late 19th century. Unusual cotton crazy on left measures 3 3/4" square. Nice variety of fabrics from the 1870's - 80's. Six lobes - pristine condition; finely hand pieced. 2 3/4" tall; beautiful 1870's material. Both have original loops for hanging.

Tin Saxophone: Circa 1930   $975  

Wonderful saxophone made of tin cans, spoons, a funnel and a kazoo. Not sure whether or not it was meant to be played, but in either case, it makes a terrific sculpture. Measures 23 1/2" tall and 13" wide. Has a custom made iron stand. Circa 1930; found in Pennsylvania.
Tin Saxophone: Circa 1930
Delectable Mountains Quilt: Circa 1850
  Delectable Mountains Quilt: Circa 1850   $2,850

Delectable Mountains quilt pattern at its best. Beautiful, unusual softly toned fabrics make this a serene and elegant quilt. Pristine condition. Measures 92" square. Sewn in cross stitch on the back are the initials JS and the number 10. Circa 1850.

Geometric Tin Forms: Circa 1920   Sold  

Three handmade heavy tin shapes that are wonderfully sculptural. May have been made as practice pieces by a tinsmith. Tallest measures 10" in height and 3 1/4" at widest. Middle shape is 6 1/2" tall and 4 3/4" wide. Ball shape is the only one that has been painted. Has some wear to the paint and a seam that has a slight separation. Measures 3 3/4" wide and tall. The other two pieces are in excellent condition.
Geometric Tin Forms: Circa 1920
Posy Holding Children Crib Quilt- Ca. 1930; Pa.
  Posy Holding Children Crib Quilt- Ca. 1930; Pa.   $435

Charming Crib Quilt with Boys and Girls bearing posies. The girls very much resemble Sunbonnet Sue. Clothing is well detailed. Clever placement of red at the intersections of the chain to form Nine Patch blocks. Excellent condition; circa 1930. Pennsylvania origin; measures 46" x 62".

Tramp Art Miniature Cupboard: Circa 1920; Pa.   $775  

Tramp Art miniature cupboard that is finely detailed. Made of wooden cigar boxes. Measures 9 1/2" tall; 5 1/2" wide and 4" deep. Excellent condition. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
Tramp Art Miniature Cupboard: Circa 1920; Pa.
Jacob's Ladder Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
  Jacob's Ladder Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania   $1,675

While not technically a Jacob's Ladder pattern, this unusual quilt is closest to the pattern by that name. Elegantly quilted with wreaths in each of the off blocks. Nice variety of late 19th century indigo prints. Sawtooth border makes the perfect frame. Body of the quilt is in perfect condition; very slight fraying on the binding. Measures 70" x 72"; Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1880.

Carolina Lily Quilt; Circa 1880   $1,095  

Variation of a Carolina Lily quilt that is also close to the pattern known as Potted Star Flower. Beautiful shades of chocolate brown and teal blue/green. Professionally laundered; excellent condition. Small blue spots on thumbnail photos are not stains; they are clumps of blue thread within the batting. Nicely quilted with clamshell patterns and diagonal lines. Inexplicably, part of one block is also quilted with overlapping circles. Both the colors and the fact that some colors are quilted... Click for details
Carolina Lily Quilt; Circa 1880
Sterling Silver Decorated Beads Necklace
  Sterling Silver Decorated Beads Necklace   $450

Sterling silver beads with exquisitely detailed designs. The beads were intentionally darkened and then curvilinear designs were soldered on top of each bead. Possibly a unique design. Made in Mexico. 18 1/2" wearable length.

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