Sterling Silver and Rosewood Long Chain Necklace   $675   

This long sterling silver and rosewood chain necklace is striking and versatile. It measures 47" in length. It does not have a clasp but is long enough to be doubled over the head. The large links are 1 1/8" x 15/16". Made by hand; designed by Maria Belen.      
Sterling Silver and Rosewood Long Chain Necklace
Lancaster County Amish Four Patch Quilt: Ca. 1930
  Lancaster County Amish Four Patch Quilt: Ca. 1930   $14,500

This Lancaster County Amish four patch in a nine patch quilt is brilliantly arranged.The maker used the same colors throughout but placed them so as to create the unusual overall X pattern. This might be a one of a kind. The solid color blocks and border are beautifully quilted with floral wreaths. The body of the quilt is in outstanding condition. There is some fraying to parts of the binding. Measurements are 72" x 78. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1930.

Hammered Silver Circles Necklace   $335  

Wonderfully versatile long sterling silver chain made of hammered circles. They vary in diameter from1 1/8" to 1/2". Total length of the necklace is 40" so it can be worn singly or doubled. In addition, the hook shaped clasp allows it to be attached to any of the circles allowing for adjustment to virtually any length. Probably made in the 1970's.
Hammered Silver Circles Necklace
Black Eyed Susan/Barnraising Quilt: Circa 1900
  Black Eyed Susan/Barnraising Quilt: Circa 1900   $2,100

To the best of my knowledge, this quilt pattern combining Black Eyed Susans with Barnraising is an original. The green has probably lightened with washing but the quilt remains vibrant and strong. The egg yolk yellow/ orange of the Barnraising perfectly continues the Black Eyed Susan theme. Measurements are 67" x 80". Probably Southern origin; circa 1900.

Delectable Mountains Crib Quilt: Circa 1860   $475  

This Delectable Mountains crib quilt is done in an unusual and clever way. Using the same blocks in alternating red and white and abutting them as she did, creates an entirely new image. It is well quilted with small squares in the white blocks and diagonal lines in the border. The red has softened from multiple washings in its 150 year lifetime but it remains a strong pattern. Measurements are 36 1/2" x 43".
Delectable Mountains Crib Quilt: Circa 1860
Silver Beads Necklace with Onyx Center
  Silver Beads Necklace with Onyx Center   $595

This graduated silver beads necklace is centered with a huge, fabulous ball of a roped silver design interspersed with oval onyx stones. The center ball measures 1 1/2" in diameter. The necklace is 20" wearable length. Beads can easily be removed from the ends if one wanted to shorten it. Strung on a silver chain. Both the interior chain and all of the balls are all handmade.

Evening Stars Crib Quilt" Circa 1860; Pa.   $1,275  

What initially appears to be a straight forward Evening Stars crib quilt actually forms an additional pattern. The consistent use of the same white with printed brown triangles forming the points of the stars also makes an Hourglass pattern surrounding a center diamond in a square. The rich brown fabrics blend well with the blue/green corner blocks. Quilted with circles in the small triangles and four lobed leaves in the off blocks. Measurements are 44 1/2" x 45 1/2". Lancaster County,... Click for details
Evening Stars Crib Quilt
Antonio Pineda Silver and Moonstone Cufflinks
  Antonio Pineda Silver and Moonstone Cufflinks   $400

Graceful,three dimensional cufflinks made by the late silver master, Antonio Pineda. Oval moonstones are set in the recessed half of the rectangle. Measurements are 3/4" x 1" to the outer edge of the curved band. Made of 970 silver, higher quality than sterling standard. Made circa 1960.

Garden Maze Quilt with Evening Stars: Circa 1870   $1,485  

This indigo Garden Maze quilt is highlighted with an Evening Star in the center of each block. The two very geometric patterns, as well as their colors, blend well. Quilted with diagonal lines. It is in excellent, unwashed condition. Measurements are 76" x 84". New England origin; circa 1870.
Garden Maze Quilt with Evening Stars: Circa 1870
Silver Ring with Circles: Circa 1990
  Silver Ring with Circles: Circa 1990   $215

Artist made silver ring of a convex circle that is oxidized inside the perimeter giving it the appearance of more dimensionality. The circle theme is repeated in stamped designs around the central circle and throughout the shank. The central design measures 7/8" in diameter. The ring is size 5 3/4. Artist signed but not a name with which I am familiar.

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