String Stars Quilt: Circa 1880; Pa.   $1,675   

Bold String Stars (aka Spider Stars) quilt done in the fabrics typical of southeastern Pennsylvania in the late 19th century. The blue calico ground and double pink sashing and border scream Lancaster County. Solid colors used in the center of the stars highlight their octagonal shape. The dark solid colors are indigo, not black as they may appear. The quilt is in excellent, unwashed condition. In the upper right corner is the name Bertha done in paint. Measurements are 77" x 80".      
String Stars Quilt: Circa 1880; Pa.
Light and Dark Log Cabin Hooked Rug: Ca. 1920
  Light and Dark Log Cabin Hooked Rug: Ca. 1920   $1,150

This hooked rug is made to look like the Log Cabin pattern usually associated with quilts. One can see this rug in several ways; there are five light and dark blocks; pinwheels and hourglasses. Lights and darks are well placed to give lots of movement. It is mounted on a stretcher measuring 40" square. Made of wools; circa 1920. Ex- Barbara Johnson collection.

Homemade Steanroller Toy   $325  

Homemade steamroller toy made of heavy metals. The roof is corrugated metal and the steering wheel turns. Measures 12" tall and 16" long. Barn red paint; circa 1920. While mothers were making doll quilts for their children, a loving father may have created this miniature piece of farm equipment.
Homemade Steanroller Toy
Child's Navajo Concho Belt: Circa 1950
  Child's Navajo Concho Belt: Circa 1950   $575

Child's concho belt with holes allowing it to be worn between 30 and 33 inches. There are 15 oval silver conchos plus the buckle with a variety of motifs. This is most likely a trading post piece rather than ceremonial; made circa 1950; excellent condition. The conchos are 13/16" wide.

Walking Stick with Man's Head   $395  

Handcarved walking stick with the head of a man. He has a prominent nose and a chine much like Jay Leno. Eyes are nailheads. Well worn green paint to the head; the body of the cane natural color. The cane measures 33" tall. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
Walking Stick with Man's Head
Carved Cane Chronicling Life of Thomas Jefferson; Va.
  Carved Cane Chronicling Life of Thomas Jefferson; Va.   $2,900

Unique carved cane that chronicles the life and achievements of Thomas Jefferson. Among the carved words are "Thos. Jefferson of Va Born Apr 2,1743 Was President USA 1801 to 1809" and ""Wrote Declaration of Independence 1776 Founder of University Va 1819". Closest to the tip is written"Jeffersons Dying Words I resign my spirit to God My Daughter to my country". The carver also wrote "This cane was cut near Jeffersons' tomb Monticello Va." The cane measures 36 3/4" tall and has a metal tip. In... Click for details

Matl Silver Picture Frame with Turquoise & Amethyst   $375  

This oval picture frame is one of the classic designs of Matilde Poulat (Matl) and her nephew successor, Ricardo Salas. Salas continued the business after Matl's death in 1960. The frame alternates amethyst with turquoise stones. It is 3" tall and 2 1/4" wide.
Matl Silver Picture Frame with Turquoise & Amethyst
Dog's Head Walking Stick
  Dog's Head Walking Stick   $495

Handmade cane with the handle of a dog's face utilizing the natural contours of the wood. The face is painted dark green with metal eyes. The stick measures 36" tall. The widest part of the ears are 6 1/2". Found in Virginia; circa 1920.

Modernist Silver Brooch and Earrings by VW Fammik   $325  

Biomorphic shaped brooch and matching earrings by Danish designer, VW Fammik. The pin measures 2 3/4" x 1 1/8" and can be worn in any direction. The clip back earrings are 1 1/4" x 5/8". Made in the 1960's; excellent condition.
Modernist Silver Brooch and Earrings by VW Fammik
Patricia Von Musulin Silver Earrings
  Patricia Von Musulin Silver Earrings   $775

Bold and chunky silver earrings by New York designer, Patricia von Musulin. Von Musulin is known for the three dimensional aspect of her work and these clip earrings are no exception. They measure 1 1/2" long and 7/8" wide; made circa 1980. Von Musulin's work is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

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