LeMoyne Stars Quilt with Wild Goose Chase; Circa 1870; Pennsylvania   $2,750   

Finely pieced, appliquéd and quilted combination of LeMoyne Stars surrounded by frames of Wild Goose Chase triangles. The white blocks are beautifully stitched with feathered wreaths. Half wreaths surround the outside of the Goose Chase. A swag border with quilting echoing the arc of the swags adds a nice curvilinear aspect to the otherwise geometric pattern. The corner blocks are appliqués falcons. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in excellent condition. Measurements are... Click for details      
LeMoyne Stars Quilt with Wild Goose Chase; Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
Pair of Dachshund Bootscrapers
  Pair of Dachshund Bootscrapers   $475

These charming dachshund bootscrapers are a bit of a mystery. They are stamped with the name Kolacek and what I believe are the letters beocgrad, although I am not certain. They are also stamped 1982Had it not been for that, I would have thought them older. The pair of metal bootscrapers consists of one standing and one seated dog. Both are painted green with expected wear from having lived outdoors for nearly 30 years. They are a heavy metal with nice detail including nostrils and a tongue.... Click for details

Tiffany Sterling Silver Band Ring   $325  

Heavy sterling silver band by Tiffany and Co. The ring has incised, oxidized thin bands on the top and bottom. Across both edges are incised designs of circles with a line going across the diameter. The ring is size 6 3/4. It is 3/8" from front to back.
Tiffany Sterling Silver Band Ring
Tane Hammered Silver Square Beads Necklace
  Tane Hammered Silver Square Beads Necklace   $875

Unusual square hammered silver beads necklace by Tane, Mexico's most high end silversmith. Each silver cube is approximately 7/16" to a side. The necklace weighs a hefty 209 grams. In a nod to Tane's elegance, the safety clasp is gold. The beads are strung on a silver chain. The necklace measures 16 inches in wearable length. It comes in the original Tane presentation case and box. Made circa 2000; excellent condition.

Broderie Perse Album Quilt: Dated 1843; New Jersey   $19,000  

This broderie perse album quilt has an unusually large number of blocks totaling 156. The chintz cutouts depict flowers; wreaths; baskets and birds, Written in ink is the date 1843 and Trenton, N.J. It has names from the Vallette; McNeely; Aiken and Coleman families. The quilt is in excellent, unwashed condition with the glaze fully intact. It measures 103" x 110". Best of all is the tag pinned to the quilt saying it was from the collection of Florence Peto. Mrs. Peto collected; researched;... Click for details
Broderie Perse Album Quilt: Dated 1843; New Jersey
Patricia Von Musulin Huge Sterling Silver Domed Ring
  Patricia Von Musulin Huge Sterling Silver Domed Ring   $595

Dramatic sterling silver huge round ring by New York designer, Patricia Von Musulin. Musulin is known for her bold statement jewelry and this is no exception. The domed circle measures 1 1/3 inches across the top. It is one inch in height from the top of the shank. The ring is size 7 1/2. It can be sized up or down. It weighs 38 grams; condition is excellent. Von Musulin's jewelry is in the permanent collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Ocean Waves Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania   $835  

This classic Ocean Waves quilt is enhanced with a sawtooth border. It's interesting to note that the triangles making up the border are actually the same pieces as used throughout the body of the quilt. They have quite a different look when seen in a different context. It is well quilted with floral wreaths in the off blocks and arcs in the border. Condition is excellent. Measurements are 66" x 84". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1880.
Ocean Waves Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Tane Sterling Silver Links Bracelet
  Tane Sterling Silver Links Bracelet   $735

This substantial, beautifully textured sterling silver bracelet was created by Tane, Mexico's most prestigious silversmiths. They have been in business since 1942. The bracelet consists of four rows of square, textured links. It is one inch wide and 7 1/4 inches in wearable length. In a nod to their elegance, the safety catch is made of gold as one often sees in Tane's work. The bracelet weighs a hefty 75 grams. It is sold with the Tane box and presentation case. Made about 1900.

Tane Sterling Silver Necklace   $775  

Feathered sterling silver necklace by Tane, Mexico's equivalent to the high end jewelry of Tiffany. The necklace consists of many overlapping lozenge shaped links made of tiny silver beads. Overall, it has a wonderful feathery look. The necklace measures 18 1/2 inches in wearable length. It is sold in the original Tane box and presentation case.
Tane Sterling Silver Necklace
LeMoyne Stars Medallion Quilt: Circa 1880
  LeMoyne Stars Medallion Quilt: Circa 1880   $1,425

This LeMoyne Stars quilt is set in an unusual way with five of them placed within a center frame. The triple frame replicates the three strips of the border. The quilt is all sold fabrics and in excellent, unwashed condition. It is quilted with feathered wreaths and clamshells. Measurements are 78 inches square; made circa 1880.

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