LeMoyne Stars Quilt:Circa 1850; New York State   $2,850   

This stunning LeMoyne Stars quilt actually has two additional patterns. Most obvious is the diamond chain. More subtle is the way the maker placed a patterned block at the center of each chain intersection to create a Puss in the Corner (aka Improved Nine Patch). The quilt is made of a glorious grouping of printed fabrics from the 1830-s - 1850's. The quilt is in excellent condition and is nicely quilted. Measurements are 77" x 92". New York State origin with family history available.      
LeMoyne Stars Quilt:Circa 1850; New York State
Garden Maze Quilt: Circa 1880; Virginia
  Garden Maze Quilt: Circa 1880; Virginia   $825

The color and fabric choices make this the most unusual Garden Maze quilt I have seen. It is done with two bold prints that combine well to create a very Fall-like palette. Attached to the quilt is a note saying "Emma from Aunt Lydia". It is from the Orebaugh Family in Timberville, Virginia (Rockingham County). Measurements are 76" x 88". It is in pristine, unwashed condition. Made circa 1880.

Pinwheel Stars Quilt: Circa 1920; Maryland   $650  

This Pinwheel Stars quilt is an interesting combination of hard and soft edges. The pieced pattern of stars is totally linear. It is softened, however, by the extremely graceful quilting patterns throughout. It is filled with very nicely stitched vines and leaves. The quilt is a beautiful shade of a slightly darkened cornflower blue. It has been freshly laundered and is in excellent condition. Measurements are 76" x 88". Burkittsville, Maryland origin; circa 1920.
Pinwheel Stars Quilt: Circa 1920; Maryland
Hawaiian Applique Summer Spread: Circa 1930
  Hawaiian Applique Summer Spread: Circa 1930   $550

This green and white Hawaiian applique was made as a summer spread. The green border is a finished edge. The central design surrounded by abstract fruit or flowers is typical of the type of work seen on Hawaiian quilts. The applique is sewn with very fine stitches. The center is reverse appliqued. The spread measures 86" x 92"; condition is excellent.

Huswif Roll-up Sewing Pockets: New York; Circa 1840   $485.00  

On the left is a lovely, small huswif. Fabrics making up the six pockets are in excellent condition and date as early as 1840. Fabric on the outside shows a tiny bit of wear. Measurements are 2 1/2" x 10". On the right is the most unusual huswif I've seen. I don't know of another with round pockets. The fabrics on the front are in perfect condition. The outside is made like a penny rug, again a feature I have never seen. There is a little bit of wear to the tan circles. The outside is made... Click for details
Huswif Roll-up Sewing Pockets: New York; Circa 1840
Geometric Hooked Rug; Circa 1930; Pennsylvania
  Geometric Hooked Rug; Circa 1930; Pennsylvania   $425.00

This original pattern hooked rug combines a central diamond shaped pattern with multicolor 1 - 1 1/2 inch squares. While at first glance, the coloration of the squares may appear random, in fact the center area is quite deliberate. What we would call a Nine Patch in quilt terminology is at the very center surrounded by a red and tan frame with blue corners and the same red used for the corners of the entire center diamond. The rug is in excellent condition. It is made of wool. Measurements are... Click for details

LeMoyne Stars Quilt: Circa 1870;New York   $1,975  

The tiny scale of these LeMoyne Stars could not make them any more precious. Each star is 2 3/4" in diameter. They are made with a fabric of crescent moons. The corner blocks have stars with the same fabric. The five strip borders have a different geometric print. Condition is excellent. The quilt measures 70" x 80". New York State origin; circa 1870's.
LeMoyne Stars Quilt: Circa 1870;New York
Rising Suns Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
  Rising Suns Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania   $4,875

Some would call this pattern Mariner's Compass. I prefer Rising Suns, particularly with the warm orange centers. Never before have I seen an example so tiny and finely crafted. Each ray is but a tiny sliver. The combination of the Suns with budding flowers appears to be an original combination. Setting it on an indigo ground makes it especially striking and unusual. It is quilted with three geometric patterns. The indigo half blocks are done with a chevron pattern; straight lines on the whole... Click for details

Turkey Tracks Quilt: Circa 1830's   $1850.00  

Finely made blocks are set on point to create a densely patterned Turkey Tracks quilt. Half blocks are used on the edges to form an interior border. The dogtooth outer border combines well with the triangles of the Turkey Tracks blocks. Quilted with cable patterns in the sashing and diagonal lines in the border. Measurements are 90" x 94". Made of two different red printed fabrics. Has one area of light toning but no other condition apologies. Made circa 1830's.
Turkey Tracks Quilt: Circa 1830's
Mariner's Compass Quilt: Circa 1890
  Mariner's Compass Quilt: Circa 1890   $1,875

This Mariner's Compass quilt is exquisitely pieced and quilted. The points of the compasses are as sharp as one would hope. The body of the quilt is elaborately stitched with swirling feather patterns throughout. The border is quilted with diagonal lines. The quilt has been professionally laundered and is in pristine condition. Measurements are 71" x 102". Probably made circa 1890 but possibly as late as 1910. The solid color fabrics are more difficult to date than prints.

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