Lone Star Quilt with Eagles: Ca. 1870; Pa.   $1675.    

Lone Star (aka Star of Bethlehem) quilt on a richly colored blue background. The diamond shaped pieces making up the star are beautifully color coordinated. It is difficult to see in the photos, but the corner blocks are quilted with eagles. The blue triangles are also well quilted with wreaths and flowers. The backing is a lush red paisley print to which the quilt can be reversed making for an entirely different bedcover. Made circa 1870's; Pennsylvania origin.      
Lone Star Quilt with Eagles: Ca. 1870; Pa.
Eduardo Herrera Silver Necklace
  Eduardo Herrera Silver Necklace   $2550.

This is the latest necklace by Mexican architect turned jeweler, Eduardo Herrera in his reptilian series. The overlapping asymmetrical links move easily, making it very comfortable to wear. Herrera's architectural background is clearly evident in the construction of this exceptional necklace which is as interesting on the back as the front. Measurements are approximately 18" in length but difficult to measure precisely because of the curvature of the piece and 1 1/2" at its widest.

Sterling Silver and Rosewood Long Chain Necklace   $675.   

This long sterling silver and rosewood chain necklace is striking and versatile. It measures 47" in length. It does not have a clasp but is long enough to be doubled over the head. The large links are 1 1/8" x 15/16". Made by hand; designed by Maria Belen.
Sterling Silver and Rosewood Long Chain Necklace
Betty Cooke Silver Belt Buckle
  Betty Cooke Silver Belt Buckle   $435.

This fine line, streamlined sterling silver belt buckle is totally Betty Cooke. She is known for the light, airy simplicity of her Modernist designs. The buckle measures 2 3/16" wide and 1 5/16" tall. It accommodates a 1" belt. It is sold in the original box with Cooke's signature and her well known lavender tissue. Excellent condition; made circa 1970.

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