Catalogue: Quilts: 19th Century (276)

Four Patch in Nine Patch Quilt: Ca. 1880, Ma.   $775.    

This Four Patch within a Nine Patch quilt makes an additional pattern of Straight Furrows with the solid white blocks consistently placed to form diagonal lines. The deep green calico background and many brownish colored printed fabrics form a nice contrast to the solid white blocks. The small scale pieces measure about 3/4" to a side. Excellent condition; circa 1880. Measurements are 74" x 86": Lincoln, Massachusetts origin.      
Four Patch in Nine Patch Quilt: Ca. 1880, Ma.
Nine Patch Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
  Nine Patch Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania   SOLD

Nicely scaled classic Nine Patch quilt. It is made with a wonderful variety of late 19th century fabrics that are beautifully combined. An unusual red plaid in the off blocks cleverly echoes the Nine Patch pattern. The quilt is in pristine, un-used condition. Measurements are 84" x 88"; Pennsylvania origin.

Sampler Quilt: Circa 1890   $1975.   

Bold Sampler Quilt displaying 20 different patterns, both traditional and original. The mauve/gray color in the quilt probably began life as a deeper tone but it is very consistent; unusual and to my eye, a very pleasing color. The quilt measures 70" x 86"; probably Southern origin; circa 1890. The back is navy blue against which the white quilting is highlighted.
Sampler Quilt: Circa 1890
Philadelphia Pavement Quilt: Circa 1890; Pa.
  Philadelphia Pavement Quilt: Circa 1890; Pa.   $2800.

Dazzling is the best way to describe this Philadelphia Pavement quilt. It is made entirely of solid color postage stamp pieces. The colors are perfectly placed to highlight the diagonal lights and darks. It is in outstanding, un-used condition. It consists of 9191 squares. Measurements are 74" x 82". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1890.

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