Catalogue: Quilts: 19th Century (278)

Friendship Quilt: Circa 1850; New Jersey   $8500.    

This New Jersey Friendship quilt was likely made as a wedding gift. Both the hearts around the central inscription and the pair of lovebirds at the bottom indicate it was a gift commemorating an event related to affection. Inked signatures are in the center of each star. Surnames include: Hounte; Berger; Huffman; Shepherd and Stevinson. The central applique has a message that is difficult to completely decipher. In part it reads: Life's path led us cautiously (?)------ and no longer forged(?) t... Click for details      
Friendship Quilt: Circa 1850; New Jersey
Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870
  Straight Furrows Log Cabin Quilt: Circa 1870   $5500.

This Straight Furrows Log Cabin quilt is embellished unlike any other I've seen. The centers of each block are embroidered with a variety of flowers. Each log is embroidered with a tremendous number of abstract patterns and the overlapping circles border is likely unique. The quilt is entirely made of wool; circa 1870. Measurements are 74" x 76.

Broderie Pertse Tree of Life Quilt: Ca. 1830; Md.   $9600.   

Beautifully balanced, classic center medallion Tree of Life Broderie Perse quilt. An elaborate bird is perched on each arm of the central tree. Four "dog tooth" borders create wonderful frames. The same chintz fabric is used throughout but has a different appearance depending upon how it was cut out. Well quilted with feather patterns in the outer borders. A wash is optional; measures 94" x 100". Hand loomed, Trenton tape binding. Bennett family of Maryland origin; circa 1830.
Broderie Pertse Tree of Life Quilt: Ca. 1830; Md.
Loveapple Quilt: Circa 1860: Pennsylvania
  Loveapple Quilt: Circa 1860: Pennsylvania   $2400.

Well crafted Loveapple quilt, a pattern not often seen. It is beautifully appliqued and nicely quilted with a crosshatch pattern in the body of the quilt and undulating vine throughout the border. The leaves are a rich teal green color. with a droll touch. The print on the fabric is a flower much like the Loveapple in shape. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1860. The quilt measures 88" x 96", long enough to go over the pillows on a bed without shams. This is unusual for a quilt of... Click for details

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