Catalogue: Quilts (531)

Delectable Mountains Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania   $735   

A traditional Double T pattern quilt becomes more elaborate by the addition of triangles, making it more like a variation of Delectable Mountains. Very nicely quilted with wreaths in each of the white blocks. Professionally laundered; pristine condition. Lovely paisley type red printed fabric throughout. Measures 78" x 80"; circa 1890. Chambersburg, Pennsylvania origin. Name tag of Dora V. Williams attached and the initials DVW are written in ink on the binding.      
Delectable Mountains Quilt: Circa 1890; Pennsylvania
Prairie Points Quilt: Circa 1880
  Prairie Points Quilt: Circa 1880   $3,600

Extraordinarily unusual quilt made entirely of folded triangles known as prairie points. Has an unbelievable array of late 19th century printed fabrics. Each triangle measures about 3/4" wide at the base. Backing is made of Centennial flags. Front is in excellent condition; some water staining to the back that does not come through to the front. Measures 61" x 70".

Twenty Five Patch Variation Quilt: Circa 1920   $675  

Variation of a Twenty Five Patch Quilt that also goes by the name of Mrs. Hoover's Colonial Quilt or more traditionally, Irish Chain. The Four Patches created between the main blocks make it more than the usual usual Irish Chain. Very finely quilted. Has one small pink spot (that I have not tried to remove) but otherwise excellent condition. Measures 86" x 98"; circa 1920.
Twenty Five Patch Variation Quilt: Circa 1920
Nine Patch Quilt ; Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
  Nine Patch Quilt ; Circa 1880; Pennsylvania   $1,425

Indigo and white Nine Patch quilt with an unusual variation of a zig zag border. One of the Nine Patch blocks reverses the navy and white squares. Legend has it that this is an intentional mistake, or humility patch, for only God is perfect. In actuality, I know of no documentation that such blocks existed; they were likely simply human error. Excellent condition; circa 1880. Measures 70" x 86"; Pennsylvania origin.

Reversible Bars Quilt: Circa 1920   $1,985  

Elegant, pristine reversible Bars quilt. It may be English, in which case it would be referred to as a Strippy quilt. Regardless of where it originated, this piece was done by a master. The quilting is superbly done in a variety of patterns.The fabrics are elegant cotton sateens and beautifully coordinated. The backing is similar to the front but not identical. It is totally reversible. Measures 78" x 94"; circa 1920.
Reversible Bars Quilt: Circa 1920
Starburst Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
  Starburst Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania   $1,650

Extremely bold and dramatic Starburst quilt. This pattern is far more rare than the traditional eight point star. Wonderful assortment of 1870's fabrics. Machine quilted; double rows of stitching outline the pieced diamonds and are carried through on the blue ground. Measures 96" square; Pennsylvania origin.

King's Star Crib Quilt: Circa 1930   $495  

Perky King's Star Crib Quilt with quintessential 1930's fabrics, many of which are feedsacks. Unusual construction in that it is quilted and seems to have batting but has an additional white cotton backing that appears to be original. Professionally laundered; pristine condition. Measures 31 1/2" x 32 1/2".
King's Star Crib Quilt: Circa 1930
Cheater's Cloth Crib Quilt: Circa 1880
  Cheater's Cloth Crib Quilt: Circa 1880   $950

Unique Cheater's Cloth Crib Quilt in pristine, unwashed condition. This printed patchwork has many of the iconic images of Victorian Crazy Quilts - fan, spiderweb,horseshoe, butterfly and bird. In addition, it has several children at play. Measures 34" x 40": Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1880.

Amish London Roads Quilt: Dated 1922   $4,500  

Pristine, unwashed Amish London Roads quilt; probably from Ohio. Multi colors set on a deep blue background. Quilted in inner light blue border are the initials ALM. Also quilted was the the date Feb. 24, 1922; someone pulled out the stitches but the date is still visible. Very well quilted; all cotton. Measures 70" x 72".
Amish London Roads Quilt: Dated 1922
Tumbling Blocks Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania
  Tumbling Blocks Quilt: Circa 1870; Pennsylvania   $1,585

Exquisitely small scale of the pieces make this Tumbling Blocks Quilt a true gem. Each block measures a mere 1 1/16" to a side. Very good condition; a few small mends are visible upon close inspection. Made of a nice variety of lightweight wools. Backing is cotton; a navy blue frame surrounds a red rectangle. Measures 52" x 72"; Pennsylvania origin. Circa 1870.

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