Catalogue: Quilts: Winter Wools (2)

Sixteen Patch Wool Quilt: Circa 1890; Pa.   $695   

This basic Sixteen Patch quilt has an unusual vibrancy because of the flame red used next to a variety of brown and black fabrics. The red binding frames it well. All of the materials are fairly heavy wool. There are a few area of slight discoloration to the browns but they are dark marks on dark fabric so they are barely visible. Measurements are 61" x 65". Pennsylvania origin; circa 1890.      
Sixteen Patch Wool Quilt: Circa 1890; Pa.
Wool Schoolhouse Quilt: Circa 1910
  Wool Schoolhouse Quilt: Circa 1910   $1,250

Anybody know what the initials SES stand for on this Schoolhouse comforter? My guess is Sex Education School. Very interesting mix of crude and sophisticated. The frame with vertically placed blocks is particularly well designed with color and fabrics deliberately planned. Red outlines each of the black corner blocks; the center 3 blocks of each side have fabrics distinguished from all others in the quilt. Excellent condition with the exception of several missing ties. Circa 1910; measures 62"... Click for details

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