Catalogue: Quilts (492)

Nine Patch Doll Quilt; Circa 1880; Pennsylvania   $325.    

Nicely scaled variation of a Nine Patch doll quilt in which the squares are divided into triangles, giving it an entirely different look. Has no batting just a top and back. Excellent condition with the sole exception of one corner with some shredding the size of a pea. It is visible in lower left corner. Fabrics on the front are 1870's and 80's; back is a floral print that may be a little later.      
Nine Patch Doll Quilt; Circa 1880; Pennsylvania
Loveapple Quilt: Circa 1860: Pennsylvania
  Loveapple Quilt: Circa 1860: Pennsylvania   $2400.

Well crafted Loveapple quilt, a pattern not often seen. It is beautifully appliqued and nicely quilted with a crosshatch pattern in the body of the quilt and undulating vine throughout the border. The leaves are a rich teal green color. with a droll touch. The print on the fabric is a flower much like the Loveapple in shape. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania origin; circa 1860. The quilt measures 88" x 96", long enough to go over the pillows on a bed without shams. This is unusual for a quilt of... Click for details

Light and Dark Diamonds Quilt: Circa 1880; Pa.   $825.   

A pattern of Light and Dark Diamonds is usually done with the strips of a Log Cabin. This example is unusual in that the maker used triangles to create the same effect. It is in as crisp, clean condition as the day it was made in the 1880's. The interior is quilted with geometric patterns and a cable throughout the border. The backing and border are the same white fabric with a very small red polka dot. Measurements are 76" square; Pennsylvania origin.
Light and Dark Diamonds Quilt: Circa 1880; Pa.
Perkiomenville Quilt: Circa 1880; Pa.
  Perkiomenville Quilt: Circa 1880; Pa.   SOLD

This dramatic light and dark pattern is specific to the town of Perkiomenville, Pennsylvania (Montgomery County) in the late 19th century. Squares and triangles are very effectively used to create multiple diamonds and zig zag frames. This example is in pristine, unused condition. It is nicely quilted with diamonds and a cable in the border.

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