Catalogue: Quilts (498)

Lady of the Lake Quilt: Circa 1880   $825.    

Terrific Lady of the Lake quilt with many late 19th century fabrics. Alternating use of two different colors for the large triangles adds lots of movement to the entire piece. It is in excellent condition; measures 68" x 78". Made circa 1880.      
Lady of the Lake Quilt: Circa 1880
Grapes Applique Quilt: Circa 1860: Pennsylvania
  Grapes Applique Quilt: Circa 1860: Pennsylvania   $2800.

This applique quilt of clusters of grapes is bold and punchy. The arrangement of the leaves and grapes gives a nice circular movement to each block. It's an unusual plant that grows both red and green grapes. Hearts are appliqued in the four corners. It is very nicely quilted and in excellent condition. Measurements are 80" x 81"; made circa 1860. Said to be from Baggaley estate near Ligonier, Pennsylvania.

T Quilt :Circa 1880; Missouri   $885.   

This interesting version of a T pattern quilt creates an abstract design as well as the primary T. Some people believe the T pattern signifies temperance but I am not convinced. It is very well quilted and in spotless condition. Three of the borders are red with the fourth in tan likely indicating it should be for the head of the bed. Made circa 1880; Missouri origin. Measurements are 60" x 74".
T Quilt :Circa 1880; Missouri
Postage Stamp Nine Patch Quilt: Circa 1890
  Postage Stamp Nine Patch Quilt: Circa 1890   $1425.

For those who love densely pieced quilts, as I do, this is a gem. The Nine Patches are as small as I've seen. Each square measures 3/8" to a side! It is very well hand pieced with a variety of printed white fabrics and a deep indigo with polka dots. The quilt is finished with a red binding. Excellent condition; measures 66" square; made circa 1890.

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