Catalogue: Jewelry (279)

Matl Silver Brooch with Amethyst and Turquoise   $495   

This silver brooch by Matl (Matilde Poulat) incorporating amethyst, turqoise and coral is one of her classic designs. It measures 2 1/2" long and 1 3/4" wide. It was made circa 1950's; excellent condition.      
Matl Silver Brooch with Amethyst and Turquoise
Sam Kramer Silver Cufflinks; circa 1950
  Sam Kramer Silver Cufflinks; circa 1950   $875

Sterling silver cufflinks by mid 20th century jewelry designer, Sam Kramer. Made of the biomorphic shapes for which his work is well known. Measure 7/8" x 1". Excellent condition.

Native American Silver & Turquoise Concha Belt   $1,285  

Handsome Navajo silver concha belt ideal for either a man or woman. The piece consists of six conchas and six butterflies, each centered with an irregularly shaped turquoise stone. Each concha measures 2 3/4" wide and 2 1/4" tall. Silver is in excellent condition. The leather was likely replaced. Made circa 1940.
Native American Silver & Turquoise Concha Belt
Gold Retro Earrings
  Gold Retro Earrings   $1,075

Fourteen karat gold earrings that are quintessentially Retro in design. Very three dimensional with scoring on the side panels to make the gold wonderfully reflective. Measure 1" tall and 1" wide. Made in the 1940's; excellent condition. Clip backs.

Native American Brooch with Turquoise   $265  

Beautiful Native American (probably Navajo) sunburst type brooch. Interesting sawtooth bezels and a lovely combination of natural turquoise stones. Measures 2 1/8" in diameter; made circa 1950. Excellent condition.
Native American Brooch with Turquoise
Margot de Taxco Silver and Enamel Necklace
  Margot de Taxco Silver and Enamel Necklace   Sold

Delicate sterling silver with enamel necklace by Margot de Taxco. The design incorporates a Mayan motif which Margot often adapted to her jewelry. Necklace measures 15 1/2" long and 5/16" wide. Enamel is in excellent condition. Made circa 1950.

Modernist Silver and Enamel Pendant   $295  

Unusual abstract Modernist pendant done in enamel on silver. The gold has wonderful variations, some of which are combined with the greens. Signed Denmark BN. Pendant measures 2" in diameter; silver chain is 25" long. Comes in original box. The silver can be polished but I prefer some patina and left that up to the purchaser.
Modernist Silver and Enamel Pendant
William Spratling Petate Brooch
  William Spratling Petate Brooch   $1,400

Large, imposing Petate Brooch by Mexican silver master, William Spratling. Measures 2 7/8" wide x 2 1/2" tall. Easily worn by a man or woman. Hallmark dates 1940 - 1946.

Los Castillo Carved Ducks   $595  

Two carved ducks from the workshop of Los Castillo, Mexican silver designers. The atelier included a wood shop as wood was somtimes incorporated with metal jewelry and hollow ware. These ducks were made especially for the home of Antonio Castillo who was the last surviving brother to carry on the workshop. Made probably 1970's and were purchased directly from his collection. Large duck measures 19" long and 10" tall. Unknown woods are heavy weight.
Los Castillo Carved Ducks
Silver and Enamel Modernist Necklace
  Silver and Enamel Modernist Necklace   $345

Most unusual Modernist sterling silver and enamel handmade necklace. Enamel is a rich shade of cobalt blue. Measures 31 1/4" long; excellent condition. Artist signed AR.

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