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Hector Aguilar Silver and Wood Flatware Set   Sold   

This stunning flatware set by Mexican designer, Hector Aguilar, is made of sterling silver and rosewood. The 28 pieces consist of: 4 dinner knives; 4 dinner forks; 4 dessert forks; 4 soup spoons; 4 butter knives and 8 teaspoons. All are in excellent condition. The pieces have two different Aguilar marks shown in thumbnail photos. The set dates to the 1950's.      
Hector Aguilar Silver and Wood Flatware Set
Betty Cooke Mabe Pearl Gold Ring
  Betty Cooke Mabe Pearl Gold Ring   $1,800

Mabe pearl and gold asymmetrical ring by modernist designer, Betty Cooke. The ring has a gray mabe pearl with mauve undertones that measures 17.3 mm in diameter. The pearl is set off center with an open, adjustable shank. The ring is size 7 but can easily be modified.

Ronald Hayes Pearson Gold Biomorphic Brooch with Turquoise   $1,675  

Ronald Hayes Pearson (1924 -96) is considered one of this country's most influential figures in metalsmithing. He regarded precious metals as plastic substances to be stretched or elongated into simple, elegant forms. This 14 karat gold brooch with a turquoise stone clearly reflects that philosophy. The gold is twisted to two different planes . The brooch measures 2 inches wide x 1 3/16 inches tall, although it can be worn in any direction.
Ronald Hayes Pearson Gold Biomorphic Brooch with Turquoise
Zuni Petit Point Turquoise Cuff Bracelet
  Zuni Petit Point Turquoise Cuff Bracelet   $1,275

Dramatic woman's ceremonial Zuni cuff bracelet. It is made with round and pear shaped natural turquoise. The face of the cuff measures 3 1/2 inches from top to bottom. The inner diameter is 2 3/8 inches with an opening of 1 1/16". The stones are in excellent condition. Made circa 1950.

Eduardo Herrera Silver "Scales" Necklace   Sold  

Exquisite irregular shaped links necklace by Mexican silver designer, Eduardo Herrera. Herrera names this his Scales design. The necklace begins at the clasp with two rows of links on one side and three on the other. One of the wonderful aspects of this necklace is that there is no absolute back and front. One can wear it with the invisible clasp placed anywhere. The back is as beautiful as the front with many rivets connecting the links. The links have movement making the necklace very... Click for details
Eduardo Herrera Silver
Oxidized Silver Necklace
  Oxidized Silver Necklace   Sold

Stunning hammered and oxidized silver necklace by Mexican designer, Eduardo Herrera. Herrera's experience as an architect is evident in the masterful creation of a necklace with overlapping links of varying shape and size to create a graceful form that he calls his Triton necklace. The multiple links are riveted together making the necklace flexible and comfortable to wear. It is 1 3/4 inches at its widest. The length is approximately 20 inches. The curve of the necklace makes it difficult... Click for details

Matl (Matilde Poulat) Sterling Brooch   $425  

Sterling silver brooch by Matilde Poulat who worked under the name Matl. In it, she utilized her three favorite stones of amethyst; turquoise and coral. Several of the turquoise stones have cracks but are intact. Measurements are 1 3/4 inches in height and width. Made circa 1950's.
Matl (Matilde Poulat) Sterling Brooch
Angela Cummings Sterling Silver Scribble Brooch
  Angela Cummings Sterling Silver Scribble Brooch   $595

Freeform scribble brooch of sterling silver made by famed American designer, Angela Cummings. The brooch is dated 1987. It measures 2 inches wide and 1 3/4 inches tall. The silver squiggles are intertwined with space between them giving dimensionality to the brooch.

Navajo Silver and Turquoise Hair Barrette   $285  

This silver and turquoise Navajo hair barrette is unusually large. It measures 4 1/2 inches wide and 3/4 inch deep. The nine oval turquoise stones are embellished with silver balls and hand stamping. It is signed on the back Jo. Dates to the 1950's,
Navajo Silver and Turquoise Hair Barrette
Silver and Rosewood Band Ring
  Silver and Rosewood Band Ring   $250

Handsome band ring in sterling silver and rosewood. It is finely and heavily made. The band is 1/8" thick and half an inch tall. It is size 6.

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