Catalogue: Jewelry: Estate (243)

Matl Poulat Sterling Pin and Pendant   $295   

Two graceful pieces by Matl (Matilde Poulat. Both have her early hallmark; circa 1950. Pendant with black onyx measures 1 5/16" long and 1 1/8" wide. Unusual to find a genuine pendant done by Matl. $295 Cross brooch with turquoise measures 1 1/4"square. Lovely color to the stones. $395      
Matl Poulat Sterling Pin and Pendant
William Spratling Sterling Silver Buttons
  William Spratling Sterling Silver Buttons   Sold

Two sets of sterling buttons by silver master, William Spratling. Both sets have 1940 - 46 hallmark. Excellent condition. Set on left measures 3/4" in diameter. Set on right is 5/8".

Matl Hand Mirrors: Circa 1950   $575  

Elaborate hand mirrors with the jewel and silver combinations for which Matl was known. Mirror on left has turquoise and amethyst; right is all turquoise. Both have discolorations on the glass but are totally original. They are 6" in length; left mirror is 3" wide; right is 3 1/4". Mirror on right has a dent in the handle. Both have Matl's early hallmark; Circa 1950.
Matl Hand Mirrors: Circa 1950
Antonio Pineda Sterling Silver Cuff Links
  Antonio Pineda Sterling Silver Cuff Links   Sold

Two pairs of silver cuff links designed by Antonio Pineda. Both are 970 silver, higher than sterling standard; both are incised and oxidized. Left pair measures 1 1/8" x 1/2". Right pair measures 3/4" square. Circa 1960.

William Spratling Sterling Box   $1,295  

Exquisite sterling "casket" box by master designer, William Spratling. Excellent condition; very finely made. Hand hammer marks visible on inside. Measures 2 1/4" tall; 3 1/4" wide and a hair under 3" deep. 1940-1946 hallmark.
William Spratling Sterling Box
Pair of William Spratling Wood and Silver Dishes
  Pair of William Spratling Wood and Silver Dishes   $975

It's not clear for what purpose these wood and silver dishes by William Spratling were intended. The dark spots in the centers indicate they were used as ash trays but this was not necessarily the purpose for which they were made. Can serve well for food or on a dresser for change or jewelry. Wonderfully hand carved bowls. Measure 4" square; circa 1950.

Hubert Harmon Brass Hair Ornaments   $2,800  

The rarest of the rare - a pair of Hubert Harmon Atomic Bomb Hair Ornaments with three additional pieces that may be either ear cuffs or hair pieces as well. The only other known pair of similar hair ornaments, but without the circular pieces, is illustrated in "William Spratling and the Mexican Silver Renaissance". Made of brass; circa 1945. Measure 5 1/4" tall and 2 1/4" wide.
Hubert Harmon Brass Hair Ornaments
Pair of William Spratling Hands Holding Tulips Brooches
  Pair of William Spratling Hands Holding Tulips Brooches   Sold

Pair of brooches by William Spratling of sterling hands holding amethyst tulips. This was one of his early designs for which he also made bracelets and necklaces. Unusual to find a pair of brooches. Measure 2 1/4" long; excellent condition. 1940-46 hallmark.

Los Castillo Sterling Brooch   $325  

Large sterling brooch by Los Castillo. Abstract design successfully conveys woven feel. Measures 2 1/4" x 1 3/4". Looks good worn in any direction. Made 1940's.
Los Castillo Sterling Brooch
William Spratling Sterling Brooches
  William Spratling Sterling Brooches   $650

Left - Pre-Columbian motif with substantial amethyst cabochon. Measures 1 1/2" in height; 1 1/8" in width. Middle - Spratling's representation of "continental solidarity" during World War II. Double pronged fur clip on back. Measures 1 5/8" wide and 1 1/2" tall. Right - Chupamirta Azteca was Spratling's title for this pin also based upon a pre-Columbian motif. Measures 1 1/2" wide and 1 1/4" tall. All signed Spratling and all in excellent condition. Left and middle are sold. Right is... Click for details

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