Catalogue: Folk Art (69)

Appliqued and Embroidered Mantel Cover; Circa 1870; Pa.   $425.    

A variety of flowers and a bird and butterfly adorn this unusual mantelpiece cover. The embroidery is all done in wool. Most of the applique is wool with a bit of velvet. It measures 70" long and 9" deep. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1870.      
Appliqued and Embroidered Mantel Cover; Circa 1870; Pa.
Homemade Steanroller Toy
  Homemade Steanroller Toy   $325.

Homemade steamroller toy made of heavy metals. The roof is corrugated metal and the steering wheel turns. Measures 12" tall and 16" long. Barn red paint; circa 1920. While mothers were making doll quilts for their children, a loving father may have created this miniature piece of farm equipment.

Child's Navajo Concho Belt: Circa 1950   $575.   

Child's concho belt with holes allowing it to be worn between 30 and 33 inches. There are 15 oval silver conchos plus the buckle with a variety of motifs. This is most likely a trading post piece rather than ceremonial; made circa 1950; excellent condition. The conchos are 13/16" wide.
Child's Navajo Concho Belt: Circa 1950
Walking Stick with Man's Head
  Walking Stick with Man's Head   $395.

Handcarved walking stick with the head of a man. He has a prominent nose and a chine much like Jay Leno. Eyes are nailheads. Well worn green paint to the head; the body of the cane natural color. The cane measures 33" tall. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.

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