Catalogue: Folk Art (70)

Sock Cats: Circa 1930   Sold   

Homemade sock cats, each with its own personality. Left - made of a dark brown ribbed sock. Measures 15" long from tip of ears to end of tail. Has a small mend on the front and several tiny holes. He looks like he was on the losing end of a fight as his tail is seriously mangled. Middle- the runt of the litter Measures 6" long and 2 3/4" at widest. The only one I've seen with buttons down the front - or are they meant to be nipples? Right - unusual to find one made of a white sock . 5" tall... Click for details      
Sock Cats: Circa 1930
Tin Saxophone: Circa 1930
  Tin Saxophone: Circa 1930   $975

Wonderful saxophone made of tin cans, spoons, a funnel and a kazoo. Not sure whether or not it was meant to be played, but in either case, it makes a terrific sculpture. Measures 23 1/2" tall and 13" wide. Has a custom made iron stand. Circa 1930; found in Pennsylvania.

Tramp Art Miniature Cupboard: Circa 1920; Pa.   $775  

Tramp Art miniature cupboard that is finely detailed. Made of wooden cigar boxes. Measures 9 1/2" tall; 5 1/2" wide and 4" deep. Excellent condition. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
Tramp Art Miniature Cupboard: Circa 1920; Pa.
Miniature Empire Chest of Drawers: Ca. 1860; Pa.
  Miniature Empire Chest of Drawers: Ca. 1860; Pa.   $1,075

Wonderful homemade miniature Empire Style Chest of Drawers in original red paint. Measures 11 1/2" to top of backsplash and 4 3/4" at deepest. Has three drawers with knobs and a secret drawer above them. Across the top are three smaller drawers, two of which have knobs. The center one was made without knobs to mirror the secret drawer below. A hole was made in the back to open the small center drawer. Two old wood supports on the back strengthen a crack. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1860.

Homemade Iron Racing Car: Circa 1930   $775  

Homemade iron racing car with the lucky number 30 and "Eggy" written on the roof. Made of recycled metal with great attention to detail and accuracy. Measures 18" long and 14" wide. Circa 1930's; Pennsylvania origin.
Homemade Iron Racing Car: Circa 1930
Folk Art Handmade Pillows
  Folk Art Handmade Pillows   Sold

Two unique, handmade pillows Black face on left - made of cotton sateen with wool embroidery. Wonderful plaited hairstyle. Three dimensional lips; oilcloth eyes are cut out to enhance her coy smile. Measures 12" in diameter; circa 1920. Circle pillow with appliqued date 1893 and initials SM. Hearts appliqued on both sides. Made of wool suiting with some old, very well done repairs. Measures 13" in diameter.

Metal Guitar from Assembled Parts   $875  

Cleverly designed metal guitar made entirely of recycled parts. Center is a clock face; includes many nails,bolts,screws,coils and pieces I cannot identify. Back opens and can have clock works installed, although I believe it more than stands on its own as a musical sculpture. Measures 25 1/2" tall and 7 1/2" wide. Circa 1950?
Metal Guitar from Assembled Parts
Wood Dachshund: Circa 1940; Pennsylvania
  Wood Dachshund: Circa 1940; Pennsylvania   $450

Homemade, lifesize wood dachshund that requires no feeding or vet bills. Measures 25" from nose to tail; 9 3/4" to top of head. Has a sly look to his eyes. Excellent condition.

Carving of Frontiersman and his Dog   $2,200  

Finely detailed carving of a frontiersman and his devoted hound. Man measures 13 1/4" tall Pennsylvania origin; probably early 20th century.
Carving of Frontiersman and his Dog
Black Man Rag Doll: Circa 1910; Pennsylvania
  Black Man Rag Doll: Circa 1910; Pennsylvania   $685

Black man rag doll with wonderfully detailed face and clothing. Head is made of a sock; button eyes and teeth with a charming overbite. Male dolls are far, far more rare than females. Excellent condition. Measures 15" tall with hat. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1910.

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