Catalogue: Folk Art (70)

Homemade Amish Toy Dogs   $315.00   

These are two well loved Amish toy dogs made in the early part of the 20th century. The smaller, on the left, is from Pennsylvania. It is straw filled; made of cotton with shoe button black eyes. It is 5" tall to the tip of the tail and 6 1/4" " long. Very good condition. The larger is from Ohio; made of wool and also straw filled. It has several old mends and worn spots. measurements are 4 4 3/4" tall and 7 3/4" tall.      
Homemade Amish Toy Dogs
Homemade Camel Toys Circa 1920
  Homemade Camel Toys Circa 1920   $950

It is difficult to imagine a family of animal toys cuter or more unusual than these three camels. They are finely detailed with tufted heads and hooves. The selection of fabric accurately represents both the color and texture of camels. The largest is 8" from head to hoof; the smallest is 5". Excellent condition; made circa 1920.

Bottle Cap Basket   $725  

This fabulous Bottle Cap Basket is true folk art. It is made of caps from Coca Cola; 7 Up and Dr. Pepper. The wood bottom makes the piece especially functional. It is both strong and sculptural. Excellent condition; circa 1950. Measures - Height: 8 1/2, Width: 17 1/2", Depth: 5", Diameter: 14".
Bottle Cap Basket
Native American Beaded Bag: Circa 1880
  Native American Beaded Bag: Circa 1880   $975

This Native American beaded bag dates to the 1880's, based largely upon the calico fabric lining. The backing is wool felt with rawhide handles. It is in excellent condition; measures 7 1/2" x 9 1/2".

Airplane Wire Sculptures: Circa 1930   $475.00  

Wire sculptures of two matching monoplanes. These were made by the same hand as the bicycles listed as item # 1131445 and automobiles #1131446. The planes measure 10 1/2" from propeller to tail and 5 1/2" tall. The propellers move. Found in Pennsylvania; made circa 1930.
Airplane Wire Sculptures: Circa 1930
Wire Sculpture Automobiles
  Wire Sculpture Automobiles   $475

These two wire sculptures of early automobiles were made by the same hand as the bicycles listed in item #1131445. As with the bicycles, there are stylistic similarities but differences in the models. Both have doors that open. Whimsical features such as the curlicue headlights are particularly Calder-esque. The open top car on the left measures 9" long and 4" tall. The roadster on the right is 9" long and 4 3/4" tall. Found in Pennsylvania; circa 1930.

Wire Bicycles: Circa 1920 ; Pennsylvania   $450  

These two finely detailed wire sculptures depict slightly different bicycles. The piece on the left is actually a tricycle and on the right is what is called a bonecruncher. Both are in excellent condition. They measure 6" tall to the top of the handlebars. Circa 1930; found in Pennsylvania.
Wire Bicycles: Circa 1920 ; Pennsylvania
Black Bottle Dolls: Pennsylvania
  Black Bottle Dolls: Pennsylvania   $375

These two bottle dolls each have lots of personality. The ample bosom mammy on the left dates to the 1920's. She has had a life of hard wok as seen in her tattered apron and head scarf. Her feedsack print dress does not show wear. She is 13" tall. The doll on the right has clothes that indicate an earlier date. She was probably made in the late 19th century with clothing a bit fancier than her counterpart's. Her apron, for instance, has a lace bottom. She measures 14 1/2" tall to the top of... Click for details

Country Store Jars with Original merchandise   $1,250  

These five country store bottles are appealing for their history as well as their shapes. The bottles contain their original merchandise. Two, with labels, contain Knox Sparkling Gelatin. The others have seeds, grains and beans. They range in height from 5 1/4" to 9 1/4". Probably from the 1890's; excellent condition.
Country Store Jars with Original merchandise
Don Shoemaker Wood Briefcase: Circa 1960
  Don Shoemaker Wood Briefcase: Circa 1960   $3400.00

This wonderfully detailed and sculptural briefcase was made by mid 20th century designer, Don Shoemaker. Shoemaker was an American who worked in Morelia, Mexico from 1947 until his death in 1990. He has come to be known as the Nakashima of Mexico and this piece validates that honorific. Shoemaker made small objects as well as furniture, all combining various tropical woods. This briefcase is a sculpture as well as a functional piece. The handle and knobs as well as the three dimensional pattern... Click for details

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