Catalogue: Folk Art (73)

Tin Basket with Wood Bottom: Circa 1900   $625   

Handmade basket of heavy tin with a wood bottom. The hinged lid opens from both sides. Measures 18" to top of handle and 16" in length.      
Tin Basket with Wood Bottom: Circa 1900
Assembled Set of Children's Chairs: Circa 1930
  Assembled Set of Children's Chairs: Circa 1930   $1,400

Four homemade chairs for children found in Chiapas, Mexico. The largest is 16 1/2" tall to the crest; the smallest is 13". Well made with wood pegs and mortise and tenons. Each has distinctive characteristics of the family in which it was made. Certainly sturdy enough to be used by children or interesting enough to be grouped as a sculptural tower. Made circa 1930's.

Beaded Glass Flowers: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania   $125  

This group of eight beaded glass flowers would look lovely in any small vase. They range in length from 3" to 6". Excellent condition. Colorful and low on maintenance. Pennsylvania origin; circa 1920.
Beaded Glass Flowers: Circa 1920; Pennsylvania
Victorian Wire Basket: Circa 1890
  Victorian Wire Basket: Circa 1890   $195

Extremely fine wire basket in the shape of a classic flower basket. The small size of this indicates it may have been intended as a candy holder. Regardless of its original intent, it is a wonderfully sculptural piece. It measures 7 3/4" to the top of the handle and 7" long. Excellent condition.

Frog Beanbag Doorstop: Circa 1940; Pa.   $95  

This beanbag frog is both amusing and functional. It can serve as a doorstop or a whimsical ornament. It has an orange velvet bottom with a green brocade top. The eyes are fancy buttons. It measures 11" from the mouth to tail and 9" at its widest. Excellent condition; circa 1940; Pennsylvania origin.
Frog Beanbag Doorstop: Circa 1940; Pa.
Mexican Wood and Leather Doll's Chair: Circa 1940
  Mexican Wood and Leather Doll's Chair: Circa 1940   $335

This charming doll's chair is a wonderfully detailed miniature. The leather seat is tooled as well as painted.The wood is entirely hand carved. Measurements are 9 1/4" tall and 6 1/4" wide to the outside of the armrests. Made in Mexico in the 1940's.

French Jaspe Pottery   Sold  

These three country pitchers, known as jaspe pottery, are from the Savoie region of France. They date to the late 19th - early 20th century. They are all solid enough to hold liquid but show some wear to the rims as is to be expected with utilitarian pottery of this age. The hand painted designs make this pottery fun to mix and match. More pieces are available. Please inquire.
French Jaspe Pottery
Homemade Tin Flask
  Homemade Tin Flask   $235

This handmade tin flask was clearly meant to be sculptural as well as functional. It is 8 1/2" tall including the hand carved wood cork. It has a dent on one side which does not show on the thumbnails. Unfortunately, it would no longer hold water as the lead solder has separated from the tin in one place. It remains, however, an appealing ornament.

Sculpture of Egyptian Figures   $575  

It is difficult to say the purpose for which this sculpture of an ancient Egyptian couple was made. It may have been for a stage decoration or perhaps purely ornamental. It is made of plaster and measures 38" tall and 17 1/2" wide. Probably made in the early - mid 20th century. Good condition with some slight chipping to the paint.
Sculpture of Egyptian Figures
Sealife Painting
  Sealife Painting   $395

Charming painting of marine life including seahorses; fish and a turtle. It is done on canvas that is stretched over a foamcore board. Measurements are 20" x 51". Signed "Martin".

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