Catalogue: Folk Art (70)

Pair of Dachshund Bootscrapers   $475   

These charming dachshund bootscrapers are a bit of a mystery. They are stamped with the name Kolacek and what I believe are the letters beocgrad, although I am not certain. They are also stamped 1982Had it not been for that, I would have thought them older. The pair of metal bootscrapers consists of one standing and one seated dog. Both are painted green with expected wear from having lived outdoors for nearly 30 years. They are a heavy metal with nice detail including nostrils and a tongue.... Click for details      
Pair of Dachshund Bootscrapers
Faux Finishing Paint Brushes
  Faux Finishing Paint Brushes   $685

Nine faux finishing paint brushes are artfully mounted, so to speak, to create an interesting montage. Each of the brushes is different to create a specific effect. They are professionally mounted on a stretcher measuring 21 3/4" wide and 21 1/2" tall. The brushes are early 20th century.

Mid 19th Century Leather Shoes with Label   $485  

These are barely worn leather shoes made in the second quarter of the 19th century. They have a label from Rodney's Manufacturer at 17 North Third Street in Philadelphia. In the 18th and early 19th centuries, shoemaking was one of Philadelphia's leading industries. In the 1850's, shoes began to be made shaped for left and right feet. Prior to that time, they were known as "straights" and by wearing them, they molded to each foot. These shoes are "straights" and remain so as they were... Click for details
Mid 19th Century Leather Shoes with Label
Patriotic Carved Folk Art Cane
  Patriotic Carved Folk Art Cane   $975

This hand carved cane says the following" Proclaim liberty throughout all land unto all the inhabitants thereof 1776 Massachusetts New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia". The cane is carved of walnut and measures 35 inches in length and the top of the handle is 1 3/8 inches in diameter. Condition is excellent; probably made late 19th century; Virginia origin.

Black Cats: Circa 1920's; Pennsylvania   $140  

Could these two black cats be any cuter? On the left is a beanbag with printed facial features and paws. Eyes are buttons with a red ribbon neck bow. It is 7 inches in height; excellent condition. SOLD On the right is a homemade cat with an embroidered face and collar. The two paws are different. I believe the right is meant to be a streamlined version of a wrap around tail. It is 8 inches tall; excellent condition. Price is $140.
Black Cats: Circa 1920's; Pennsylvania
High Button Shoes Store Display; Circa 1890
  High Button Shoes Store Display; Circa 1890   $2,200

Handmade high button shoes that were used for store display; circa 1890. The boots measure 17 1/2 inches tall and 17 1/2 inches from toe to heel. They are made of leather in delicate condition. They have a label inside that is difficult to read but is definitely from Los Angeles. It is difficult to understand the wear on the soles that looks as though they've been walked in. It is unimaginable that someone was large enough to wear them. The mystery adds to their charm.

Pair of Frog Pillows: Circa 1930; Maine   $425  

This is a charming pair of different size frog pillows from Maine made in the 1930's. They are stuffed with pine needles as is evident from the holes in the smaller frog. The tops are made of wool felt with cotton for the bottoms. The larger frog measures 16 inches in length; the smaller is 12".
Pair of Frog Pillows: Circa 1930; Maine
Tartan Plaid Painted Box in Original Paint: Circa 1870's
  Tartan Plaid Painted Box in Original Paint: Circa 1870's   $2,800

This colorful tartan plaid box is hand decorated with shades of green; orange; red and yellow. It retains the original paint in very good condition. A newspaper under the interior mirror is dated 1871. Probably Pennsylvania origin. Measurements are 10 3/4" wide; 8 3/4" tall and 5 1/2" tall.

Patched and Embroidered Denim Overalls: Circa 1950   $450.00  

Both pairs of heavily mended; patched and embroidered overalls have taken on a life of their own. They owners of these work pants were either very poor and/or very dedicated to their clothing. They are reminiscent of the tradition of Japanese boros in which clothing and bedcovers are mended many times over and elevated in status from functional textiles to that of art. It is not a tradition, though, that one often sees in this country. It is clear on the adult pants in particular that the sewer... Click for details
Patched and Embroidered Denim Overalls: Circa 1950
Concrete Garden Ornament of a Dog: Circa 1930
  Concrete Garden Ornament of a Dog: Circa 1930   $295

This whimsical concrete dog was surely meant for a garden but I am sure he is housebroken and would be equally happy indoors. The dog measures 13 1/4" tall and 9" from front to back. It is nicely hand painted with a bit of a silly smile. Made circa 1930's.

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