Catalogue: Folk Art (76)

Pair of Wood Glove Stretchers   $235   

This pair of wood glove stretchers is unusually thick, measuring 9/16" in depth. The larger of the two is 15 inches long. While one is marked with an incised letter S, they seem anything but small. The pair have a wonderful look of an abstract sculpture and would be nice ornaments on a wall or table. One already has a loop for hanging and the other could easily have one added. They are priced at $235. for the pair.      
Pair of Wood Glove Stretchers
Handcarved Wood Frame
  Handcarved Wood Frame "Spice of Life"; Circa 1920   $695

Hand carved wood frame depicting the amusements and vices of the 1920's. It includes: dice; a champagne bottle; playing cards; polo equipment; sheet music; a flapper girl and, most surprising of all - a dreidel. How this fits with the other images is a mystery. The dreidel is a four sided top used in a children's game at Channukah. The frame is hand carved and painted. It is titled Spice of Life. The frame measures 9 3/4" x 12". The opening is 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" and would be perfect for either a... Click for details

William Spratling Duck Bill Bottle Opener   Sold  

Most unusual, large size Duck Bill bottle opener by silver master, William Spratling. The head measures 3 3/4" tall and 5 " across the bill. Ducks were a popular motif for Spratling but I have never seen this design. The duck is sterling silver with Aztec jade beads for eyes. The opener functions from an opening on the bottom. In addition to its practical use, the duck would make a wonderful table ornament. Condition is excellent. The piece weighs a substantial 246 grams. William Spratling... Click for details
William Spratling Duck Bill Bottle Opener
Inlaid Wood Candlestick Lamp: Circa 1930
  Inlaid Wood Candlestick Lamp: Circa 1930   $295

Handmade inlaid wood lamp made to look like a candlestick. It is well made with a variety of woods. The base and stick are octagonally shaped. The lamp is 6 1/2 inches tall without the electric bulb. It has an on and off switch and is in good working order. American made circa 1930.

Folk Art Wood Hand   $225  

This deco wood hand was made as a sculpture but would serve equally well as a way to store or display finger rings. Including the triple tiered base, the sculpture is 14 1/4 inches tall. It is made of wood; circa 1920.
Folk Art Wood Hand
Handmade Metal Woven Basket; Circa 1900
  Handmade Metal Woven Basket; Circa 1900   $345

Handmade lattice weave metal basket with beautiful patina. The basket measures 10 1/2 inches wide' 9 1/2 inches deep and 9 inches to the top of the handle. Condition is excellent. Probably made circa 1900.

Nut Head Figures in Church: Circa 1900   $950  

Eleven nut head figures are dressed in their Sunday best in this charming grouping. The faces are painted black with fabric hats and kerchiefs on some of their heads. Each doll is dressed differently with handmade clothing. Tallest of the group is the preacher in a top hat and holding the Holy Bible. He is 7 inches tall. A schoolboy is carrying his textbook. Mother in a fur stole and her daughter are dressed in wool ensembles. The smallest child is carrying her rag doll while another figure... Click for details
Nut Head Figures in Church: Circa 1900
Pair of Metal Downspouts Dated 1847: New York
  Pair of Metal Downspouts Dated 1847: New York   $950

This pair of metal downspouts came from an estate in the Adirondacks in upstate New York. Traces of paint show the date 1847 on the front of each. The downspouts have beautiful scalloped decoration on the front and sides in addition to three raised geometric elements of different shapes and a nice rolled rim. The pair shows evidence of having been outside for some 170 years. They are still very useful as decorative planters or sconces.

Pair of Dachshund Bootscrapers   $475  

These charming dachshund bootscrapers are a bit of a mystery. They are stamped with the name Kolacek and what I believe are the letters beocgrad, although I am not certain. They are also stamped 1982Had it not been for that, I would have thought them older. The pair of metal bootscrapers consists of one standing and one seated dog. Both are painted green with expected wear from having lived outdoors for nearly 30 years. They are a heavy metal with nice detail including nostrils and a tongue.... Click for details
Pair of Dachshund Bootscrapers
Faux Finishing Paint Brushes
  Faux Finishing Paint Brushes   $685

Nine faux finishing paint brushes are artfully mounted, so to speak, to create an interesting montage. Each of the brushes is different to create a specific effect. They are professionally mounted on a stretcher measuring 21 3/4" wide and 21 1/2" tall. The brushes are early 20th century.

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